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When will blu-ray optical drives be an option for thinkpads?



The thinkpad T series now has new "HD" displays and updated high quality sound, but the optical drive is still limited to DVD drives.  When will BD optical drives be available so we can actually use the nice screens and sound for HD video?  I have heard some sort of marketing-speak to the effect of BD is not offered on Lenovo business solutions, but if that is the case then why did the displays and sound get upgraded?  Does Lenovo plan on forcing all of it's business customers to buy external BD drives, or switch to other brands to get a complete business computing solution?


That sounds like the approach Apple would take, and I really hope Lenovo will catch up with the other brands and offer a BD drive soon.  I really don't want to have to carry around an external drive, which is why I did not buy a macbook pro.  I would hate to have to switch away from thinkpads in order to get an internal BD drive, since I totally love the thinkpad laptops.  My T41p is still running strong, and I need a COMPLETE business solution, and I must have a BD drive.  I really want a T420s but I'll look like a complete fool if I have to haul out an external drive every time I'm handed a data set on a BD disc...


I have to purchase a new laptop SOON, so will the BD drives be available in time?


Thanks in advance for any answers or help.

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