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I have a Lenovo 8821 keyboard. The Print Screen key is not in the usual place (next to F12) and I cannot see it anywhere else. In its place is a key simply labelled 'Fn' and next to that, a Break key. I'm desperate to get Print Screen working - anyone have any ideas?


If you look properly, the Print Screen key on the Lenovo keyboard 8821 is actually located on the lowest row of the keyboard in between Alt and Ctrl keys as shown in the picture here.



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I have the same problem with the sk-8861 keyboard.  No idea where the print screen button is or even if there is one!!   No documentation and no help.

Getting to the point where I think this is the last Lenovo product I will buy



I am having a big problem finding Manual for Keyboard SK8821 Serial number01864720,keeps refering to printers