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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎08-15-2011
Location: Germany
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headset & comboport - test splitter

I have a thinkpad 03192CG with comboport and a headset that ends in separate 3,5 mm plugs for headset-speakers and headset-micro.

I ordered a splitter cable and I want to test it.

How can I switch off the internal micro? (I even couldn't locate it ... if it is behind the small hole next to the built-in webcam it doesn't help to cover the hole...)

How can I verify which device (internal micro or comboport attached micro) provides the audio input?

(If I plug in the headset using the splitter cable there will be an ambiguity concerning the micro! I want to make sure that I do not continue to talk via built-in micro and listen via headset despite the splitter cable. Moreover I would like to make sure that the built-in micro does not contribute noise to to the VOIP!)


Lenovo Staff
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Location: Morrisville, NC, USA
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Re: headset & comboport - test splitter



if you attach your headset to thinkpad it will mute the internal microphone and speakers and start using headset.Lik eif you connect headset to TV/HiFi system.


Was that the question about?

Jan Solar
Product Marketing
(not a technical support)