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how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2011-05-12, 11:49 AM

How much longer do we have to wait for a wireless ThinkPad keyboard?


Current ThinkPad USB keyboard with TrackPoint is ridiculously priced, considering it's on a wire, while you can buy a very decent wireless keyboard from Logitech for half the price. (I'm referring to the K340, which has quite a decent key-press experience.)


Seriously, nowadays wireless keyboards are no rocket science, nor expensive to manufacture. Lenovo totally dropped the ball here. Or maybe Lenovo thinks its Lenovo-branded wireless keyboards are reasonable competition for the ThinkPad family? Well, either way, Logitech wins.


Get your act together!


Of course I realize I'm most likely talking to a wall. After all this is the company that has just released it's a top-shelf laptop family (X220) that lacks USB 3.0. And in the past - workstations for CG artists and CAD engineers (T61p) with a TN display and a D-Sub port. Also, 16:9 displays (i.e. a ratio useful only in movies) in business laptops.


Seriously, you need to hire a new person for feature policy. Someone with common sense.


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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2011-05-15, 11:35 AM
A wireless thinkpad keyboard with trackpoint would be good for sure.

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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2011-05-16, 23:41 PM

Please, please, please

I have also waited for a wireless keyboard with trackpoint  for many years.

My USB-attached Ultranav keybord , model SK-8835 (L) P/N: 41A5154 now looks and feels quite worn so it is due for replacement, preferrably with something wireless of higher quality and the latest Ultranav.

The "mouse-buttons" on my current keyboard never matched  the feel of the on-board buttons of my R61 and T61.

Don't skimp on quality when you offer a wireless keyboard with Ultranav, the feel and quality should at least match the best T-series, I guess most of us are power-users!


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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2011-05-25, 21:57 PM

I second that, third that and fouth that.  Instead Lenovo seems to be heading in the opposite direction w/ the latest USB keyboard dropping the UltraNav and keeping trackpoint only.  


A wireless UltraNav would be a kick butt wireless accessory which I'd buy in a flat heartbeat.  Just think how useful it would be home theater setups or just in general... as I am having so many issues w/ my USB Ultranav and doc 3.


My dentist office uses a wireless setup in each patient room and they have a wirelss keyboard and mouse.. you should see them using the mouse sometimes.  A wireless UltraNav is the best of both options! 


If I could take the keyboard off my W510 and the fingerprint reader and integrate that into a wirelss ultranav.. then there's perfection.


Later. G.Mobley


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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2011-07-25, 23:30 PM

I'm new enough here that I don't understand the advantages of Ultranav (i.e. having both) vs. Trackpoint, so I don't really know whether I have a use for the touchpad portion.  However, If they made an "all out" version of the external keyboard they have, it could have a fingerprint reader (the biggest issue for me), backlighting (reasonably high on the list, wireless (I don't care about it much, but a lot of you do), and maybe ultranav, I'd suspect they could sell it for a good bit more.  I'm not sure they think they have a market for both the current external keyboard and and "ultimate" version, but I bet they would not lose but a few percent of the sales of the current one if they added an ultimate, which is clearly also in demand. 


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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2011-08-09, 0:20 AM

People really love their keyboards.


I, for one, would gladly pay double or triple the cost of the current wired version in order to have a wireless version.


Oh, and please pardon Axure re: "get  your act together".  Not all of us have learned to ask nicely when we want something.





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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2012-03-18, 19:46 PM

There certainly is a demand for that product. I am ready to buy it once it is out.


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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2012-03-19, 6:47 AM

I would love such a keyboard.  In fact, I'd need to buy 2 of them.


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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2012-03-26, 5:35 AM

I am also waiting for this. A Bluetooth 4 keyboard with trackpoint, please!


If it is trackpoint only, it can be made a bit shorter and more compact. If touchpad is included, I would hope for a DIP switch or such under the keyboard to disable the touchpad. The older USB models had the touchpad and I could not find a way to disable it. And I was always touching it by mistake. Now I have two SK-8855s and they are almost perfect. The only downside is the USB cable.


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Re: how much longer before wireless ThinkPad keyboard?

2012-09-03, 22:05 PM

My vote towards a wireless trackpoint keyboard. There is nothing like the T series keyboards and nothing like the trackpoint. Please, make them available as a wireless keyboard so I can take it to my other devices (e.g.: HTPC)

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