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Blue Screen Again
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lost the USB receiver of my new Lenovo Laser wireless mouse (Model: MORFFHL)

i have lost the USB receiver of my new Lenovo Laser wireless mouse (Model: MORFFHL). What should I do to use my mouse again and Can I get a new receiver only from lenovo.

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Re: lost the USB receiver of my new Lenovo Laser wireless mouse (Model: MORFFHL)

Hi, welcome to the forum.


In my knowledge of this subject, Lenovo does  not offer replacement for the USB receiver. If you check the support site of this mouse ( )  you will see that the whole mouse has just one FRU replacement number.


I'm still looking for some solution on this cases, maybe someone can do some more research and find out how to hack a receiver to support this kind of mice. I kind of feel bad for the enviroment that it is needed to replace the mouse just for a missing receiver.



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Re: lost the USB receiver of my new Lenovo Laser wireless mouse (Model: MORFFHL)

Hi there,

I have also lost my receiver, when I telephoned Lenovo today, Daniel @ Thinkpad Customer Service UK said Lenovo cannot help. Firstly, if you have lost the receiver that's your problem. Nobody cares, he actually said "we are not a replacement service". Secondly, if you have a faulty or broken receiver they will not help if the mouse is older than a year, mine is about 18mth-2years old.  Essentially he said, spend another £50 for a mouse and receiver implying that Lenovo don't care about the environment, they don't care about their customers nor do they feel it's important to let their customers know that this is a one off purchase with no method of replacement or recourse. Daniel point blank refused to help with a no care attitude. Nothing Lenovo can do, BUYER BE WARE ATTITUDE. How can this be good practice?

But for those of us that live in Europe this method of operation goes against European consumer rights policies.


I will be sending this mouse back to Lenovo. But not just the mouse, I have only just purchased a Thinkpad T480, it is 4 days old, I will use my 14 day cooling off period and return the T480 (£1100 worth of laptop) along with a useless mouse. No one needs to be treated so shamefully and with such contempt. I did not request a free mouse, I did not request a free usb receiver. A reasonable sum including the cost of postage for a usb receiver is all I requested. Come on Lenovo, be reasonable.

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