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What's DOS?
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sk-8840 drivers

I have an SK-8840 ps2 keyboard used in rackmount servers.  It is essentially the ps2 version of the usb ultranav keyboard.   Problem is I can't find any drivers for it.   Does anyone know where I can get them so I can configure sensitivity and whatnot?
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Re: sk-8840 drivers

I have the same issue. Using Vista Smiley Sad


I'd like the track point scoll to work.


The keyboard has sufficient functionality otherwise.


It's connected to the laptop itself via a USB adapter; the dock has only one PS/2 port.


Perhaps a driver for the trackpoint only? Or?





Thanks in advance!

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Re: sk-8840 drivers Found!!

Here's partially what worked:


(Note: Reply #116)


116. Regarding the people having problems with the IBM PS/2 Ultranav keyboard, here is a fix I came up with:

1st of all, compiling the following info was definitely not easy, so please don’t take it for granted. A search on the internet will show that others have also had a hard time finding for a driver for this keyboard.

I went through a **LOT** of searching, and trial and error before I found a way to get around this issue of the hard-to-find driver for the IBM PS/2 Ultranav keyboard. Looking for the drivers for this keyboard was not straightforward, it was more like a rookie detective looking for vague clues, and stumbling around forever until I found something that worked.

A few key notes about the IBM PS/2 Travel Keyboard with UltraNAV, which led to finding suitable drivers:

The keyboard part number is 89P8500, and the model # is SK-8840.

A search on the internet shows that “IBM keyboard SK-8840″ leads to about 4 times as many hits than than “IBM keyboard 89P8500″.

The keyboard has “travel” in its name, but model # SK-8840 seems to be marketed more towards rack mounted console kits, not travel.

Looking for info about the rack mounted consoles (which include this keyboard) ended up being more helpful than just looking for drivers for the keyboard itself.

Now, about getting this Ultranav working:

Just a note about keyboard fuctionality (before driver installation):

1. The Fn + F4, Fn + F5 and Fn + F7 key combos, and volume up/down, mute buttons did not
need drivers, they worked fine right from the beginning.
2. The “Access IBM” button did not work, and the Ultranav application was missing in the mouse properties.

Loading the following drivers/programs fixed the missing “Access IBM” and Ultranav functionality.

I wrote the following step-by-step instructions while running on WinXP.
I have very little experience with Windows Vista and Windows 7, so I don’t know if these instructions (or drivers for that matter) will work for Vista or 7.

Install the Ultranav application:

1. Download the “Think/Travel USB Keyboard with UltraNav TrackPoint/TouchPad” driver:
(Yes, I know it says “USB”, don’t worry about that.)

Go here:

(note: The above link above is actually from this page:, and it shows that the driver is for a USB keyboard, but it *WILL* also work on the PS/2 keyboard.)

a. Run the q2kyb02us13.exe file
b. Accept the license agreement
c. click “next”
d. make a note of the default file path that is displayed (or choose your own)
e. click “next”
f. click “finish”

2. Update the mouse driver:
a. Go to control panel
b. click “mouse”
c. click on the “hardware” tab
d. highlight the PS/2 compatible mouse
e. click “properties”
f. click on the “driver” tab
g. click on “update driver”
h. choose “No, not this time”
i. click “next”
j. choose “install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”
k. click “next”
l. click on “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install”
m. click “next”
n. click “have disk”
o. click “browse”
p. direct it to the file path that you made a note of earlier, in step 1d.
(that directory should contain two files, which are named SynHid.inf and SynTP.inf)
q. click “open”
r. click “ok”
s. Verify that “Synaptics PS/2 Port Pointing Device” is displayed
t. click “next”
u. click “finish”
v. It will prompt you to reboot. A reboot at this point will activate the Ultranav

Activate the blue “Access IBM” button (next to the Esc key on the keyboard):

1. Download the “IBM Keyboard (PS/2) with Integrated pointing device” driver:

Go here:

a. Unzip the “” file
b. Run any *one* of the three following files:
(any one of the folowing three will work, it is not necessary to run more than one.)

Setup.exe (it will be where you unzipped “”)
Setup.exe (in the “KEYBOARD” folder)
SKcoinst.EXE (in the “INF” folder)

c. click “next
d. It will prompt you to reboot. A reboot at this point will activate the “Access IBM” button.

During my testing, this Ultranav program worked with the keyboard plugged into the PS/2 ports on the motherboard, but did *NOT* work when the keyboard was moved to a USB to PS/2 adapter. Apparently, the Ultranav drivers do not recognise USB connected PS/2 ports.
When the keyboard is plugged into the USB to PS/2 adapter, the trackpoint and trackpad will work, but the Ultranav program doesn’t load on bootup.



What I did for Vista was execute the program InstNT.exe


It's contained in q2kyb02us13.exe


Scroll then worked!!!!

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Community SuperMod
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Re: sk-8840 drivers Found!!

Hi T61Docked!


Thank you for coming back and posting the solution you found for that!

I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
What's DOS?
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Re: sk-8840 drivers Found!!

I registered onto this community 1 min ago, just wanna say THANKS!Smiley Happy You brought the scroll function back to my lifeSmiley Happy


The funny thing is.....I just ordered a new logitech mouse and have to through it into my storage room for a while~~~

What's DOS?
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Re: sk-8840 drivers Found!! *SOLVED*

Bought the keyboard, as I adore the third-button feature, and the compact design (admittedly not as good as it used to be back in the IBM days, but there you go).

But in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit I couldn't make the third button work. I called Lenovo Support, but they are a bunch of c-*BONK*s, and totally failed to appreciate my driver needs, as well as to be polite.


So. I realized I could perhaps force an installation. So I did the following:

1) downloaded an UltraNav driver 

and extracted it (default is .SWTOOLS\UNAV\x64)

2) Control Panel => System => Device Manager => Mice and other pointing devices => Right click on "Microsoft PS/2 Mouse" => Properties

3) Driver => Update Driver 

4) Browse My Computer for driver software

5) Let me pick from a list... => Have disk => Browse to SWTOOLS\UNAV\x64 (or whereever you've chosen to save the driver)

6) Chose 'yes' when asked whether you are really sure you know what you are doing, restart when prompted - And off you go! 


I do not know why Lenovo as being such a big company insists on not giving this kind of support, but I guess they are all Chelsea-fans...


What's DOS?
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Re: sk-8840 drivers Found!! *SOLVED*

Hi Folks,
My goal with the driver (on 32-bit Vista) is to disable taps on the touchpad. Is this possible? To be clear, I want to (1) use the touchpad to move the mouse, (2) use the physical left and right mouse buttons below the touchpad to send mouse clicks, (3) have the touchpad NOT send a mouse click when I tap on it, (4) I don't care about the trackpoint or the trackpoint's mouse buttons (the ones above the touchpad)...they could be operable or not...doesn't matter. The critical issue for me is to make sure that taps on the touchpad (which are usually unintended) do NOT send mouse clicks. Can someone with 32-bit Vista confirm that this driver does the trick with the SK-8840? If so, with just the PS2 model or also the USB model? Thanks very much, Joe

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