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What's DOS?
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phone will not connect to the internet?

have an ex115 that i bought in the US.  live inbetween US and Australia.  i have called my provider in australia TPG(they use optus network) for settings.  since phone not registered in australia they dont have correct settings.  have given me generic motorola ones but cannot get them to work.  have alos called motorla in australia a few times.  they say that since not registered with them in australia the WAP setting will be different and cannot be changed.

any ideas or advice would be appreciated



What's DOS?
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Re: phone will not connect to the internet?

Just a hunch but the last time you flew did you remember to take your phone OFF of 'airplane mode' (no internet connection)

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Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: phone will not connect to the internet?

You are probably going to have to find someone that has successfully used this or a similar phone on TPG. You definitely need settings specific to their network, but maybe tweaked for your phone.

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