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How to permanently remove Pokki from a system image


I have configured the base install of our E440/E540 to our standards with one exception.

Despite my efforts, each time a new user signs into a machine, Pokki is loaded up and added to the taskbar.


I've uninstalled it. I've combed through every file/folder for reference to Pokki. I've use the uninstaller from their site. I've combed through the registry and removed every entry.  These efforts have not produced the desired result of removing Pokki entirely.   How can I do this?


Pokki can be removed through a two step process using a Pokki provided clean up tool  These steps must be completed in order.


  1. Uninstall Pokki from “Control Panel -> Programs and Features”.  It may appear as one or more of the following:
    1. Pokki
    2. Start Menu
    3. Host App Service
  2. Run the cleanup tool “LenovoPreloadUninstall.exe”

Here is the Pokki cleanup tool:  



Admin note: updated download link. 

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jimjay On 2015-02-16, 18:26 PM
The above link was not compatible with my G510 laptop using Windows 8.1 Any other help would be appreciated. jimjay
head4heights On 2015-05-05, 16:06 PM

This, and other bits of rubbish that are foisted upon Lenovo's unlucky customers should never have been installed in the first place. Where is our choice here? Getting rid of Pokki has so far proved to be impossible. The tool above does nothing at all. 


What is needed is a step by step guide as to which files and folders need to die. A step by step guide as to which Registry entries need to die.


Better still, how about a removal tool that actually works?


Better yet, how about not preloading this stuff at all. Give us a choice!!  

Sandman1 On 2015-07-01, 6:59 AM

I'm afraid having an official tool by Lenovo doesn't really inspire confidence.  I have no idea who's dropbox account that is.  For all I know they could replace the exe with something malicious. 


Removing Pokki is way harder than it should be.  Why won't it just remove using the control panel and why does it recreate every time I setup a new account?


I will agree with head4heights that there should be a step by step guide on how to remove this.


Come on Lenovo.  We all enjoy your hardware and we just want the choice to clean some of this stuff up.  Help us out please.

Mark_Lenovo On 2015-07-31, 15:54 PM



The dropbox link was an interrim solution - we have updated the article to provide a download link from our support site .t.    We have had good feedback on the removal / clean up tool on ThinkPad systems.



pat_box On 2015-08-27, 19:12 PM

This article was very useful, thanks. In my case (Yoga S1, W10) Pokki was quite intrusive. I unpinned it from the task bar, but it even repined itself back after restarting the PC. Uninstalling "Host App Service" did the trick of completely removing it (hopefully).

mike0921 On 2015-12-20, 20:28 PM

Use RevoPro 3.xxx it works and removes all the junk too. I ran the Pokki tool afterwards and there wasn't anything there....

ChuckDavis On 2015-12-30, 5:44 AM
I am preparing to upgrade a single-user Win8.1 Pro ThinkPad T440s to Win10. Per the Lenovo instructions on preparing for a Win10 upgrade I want to remove Pokki. I have downloaded lenovo_preload_uninstall_pokki.exe. The instructions above say to first remove Pokki, Start Menu and Host App Service using Control Panel. Unfortunately Pokki and those other programs do not appear in the Control Panel Programs and Features list. How the hell can I uninstall Pokki so that I can uninstall Pokki??? Does anybody have any suggestions? BTW - I ran a Windows Explorer search on 'pokki'. It came up with over 3,000 items!! Talk about NastyWare!

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