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X230 BIOS - Set password remotely


 We have a serious issue in our company. We have several computers in different parts of the country and we want to set the BIOS password (and, if possible, boot device order) due to a security threat (the BIOS have no password now).


  The problem is that we have "standard" user in the small offices, not administrators, so we can not explain technical procedures to all of them (we know it would be a big mess). On the other hand, the offices are quite far one from the other, so we can not go in person to change the password by hand.


  So we are trying to get a way to set the BIOS Password with a program that we can send them and tell them to run it (or we can make it run remotely).


  We only found a way to get a backup of a BIOS valid configuration from another computer we have here (using the Universal Backup BIOS program), but we can not restore it (or send it to another computer and replace it).



For security reasons, remotely setting a BIOS password is forbidden.  The initial setting of the password is designed to require physical presence.  Once a password is set, there are ways of changing it by script.  But setting it initially can only be done by physically booting the machine to the BIOS Setup Utility and entering it directly on the machine.


Further there is some documentation and sample scripts for changing BIOS settings here:


It is not possible to set a BIOS password with these scripts if a password isn't already set.

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