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Lenovo Employee pjorgensen
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The first package will fail to install during an OSD to a ThinkPad Yoga 15


Reviewing the smsts.log, you will see the similar errors as those below pointing to the package install failure:

Failed to query CCM_SoftwareDistribution
Failed to invoke Execution Manager to Install Software for PackageID='DR30006D' ProgramID='install' AdverID='DR32001A' hr=0x87d02004
InstallSoftware failed, hr=0x87d02004 InstallSoftware failed, hr=0x87d02004
Failed to run the action: Yoga 15. The software distribution policy was not found. (Error:87D02004; Source: CCM)
The execution engine ignored the failure of the action (Yoga 15) and continues execution

Other findings that occur at the same time can be found in the following logs:


-ClientIDManagerStartup.log (at the timestamp of the package error, ConfigMgr was still configuring client)

-LocationServices.log (at the timestamp of the package error, ConfigMgr was still trying to locate a Management Point)

-Execmgr.log (at the timestamp of the package error, the policy in WMI for the package could not be found)


Edit your task sequence to install the desired package(s) using one of the following methods:


-Use the Run Command Line step to install the desired package(s).

-Change the Package to an Application

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