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When deploying Windows 7 to new Sky Lake systems, please keep in mind the following guidelines regarding NVMe drives:


    1. NVMe drives cannot be formatted with MBR.
    2. NVMe drives only work when the system is configured for UEFI boot.

Therefore, to deploy Windows 7 to a system with NVMe drives:




It is recommended that customers build a Windows 7 64-bit reference image that is fully patched including this update and use that to apply in their deployment task sequence.


This patch provides basic functionality for read/write to all NVMe drives. It does not provide support for advanced functionality that would be used for updating the drive firmware or for OPAL management.  To obtain these features a vendor-specific driver must be used.  These are currently being developed and, when released, be sure to understand which features are supported in the driver as not all features may be supported.

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Recent ThinkPad BIOS updates allow for legacy booting to NVMe SSD.  With the BIOS update, Win7 can be installed to a MBR partition, even on a NVMe SSD.  So if you don't want to modify your Win7 image to use GPT parition and UEFI boot, then you can update to one of the BIOS versions listed below:


ThinkPad T460s:           version 1.11 or newer

ThinkPad Yoga 260:     version 1.41 or newer

ThinkPad X1 Carbon (4th gen) and X1 Yoga:  version 1.14 or newer

ThinkPad P70:               version 2.03 or newer

ThinkPad P50:               version 1.24 or newer

ThinkPad T560 and P50s:      version 1.06 or newer

ThinkPad T460p:          version 2.04 or newer

ThinkPad T460:            version 1.10 or newer

ThinkPad X260:            version 1.19 or newer



VERIFIED! Update firmware like "someotherguy" says


My Gen4 X1 (20FB) came from factory with firmware v1.12, booting MBR (not EUFI) into Windows 7 Pro on NVMe. How they pulled that off is beyond me, because I imagex'd it every way imaginable with our Win7Ent image and could not get it to boot.


Updated to 1.14 and it worked perfectly (again, MBR boot, not EUFI) with either injected Samsung NVMe drivers OR with the MS drivers (Windows6.1-KB2990941-v3-x64.msu).


FYI, I got the injectable samsung drivers by installing the regular driver to the factory Win7Pro image (they won't install w/out hardware present) with the "log=x:\somelogfile.txt" option, and going to c:\windows\installer\{funky name you'll find in the logfile}\Driver directory.

In x260, When I deploy OS from SCCM, I'm getting blue screen after restart. Please let me know if there is a known issue. HDD is sandisk sd7sb7s512g1001
In x260, When I deploy OS from SCCM, I'm getting blue screen after restart. Please let me know if there is a known issue. HDD is sandisk sd7sb7s512g1001. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

I hope someone has a solution for the following, my task sequence deploys Windows 10, 1607 for almost all Lenovo models but the X1 Tablet and X1 Carbon, see below.  Error message "No task sequences available for this computer". 


SCCM version: 1602

WinPE version: 10.0.14393


X1 Tablet             20GG0051US      (SATA)                         Will not image

X1 Carbon           20FCCTO1WW   (SATA)                         Will not image

T460                    20FMS10N00     (SATA)                          Images without issue

T450                    20BUS16A00       (SATA)                         Images without issue


Thanks in advance for your help.