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Fanfold Paper
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Imaging issues and BIOS settings

Currently we are developing an Image for the Ideapad 510S and the 520S. Due to licensing we want to use the Image of the Ideapad itself. Because we are delivering a consumer grade unmanged Notebook with only some basic applications like Devicelock, Deepfreeze, Office 2016 w/o Outlook. 


Before we start to deply software on it we make a new WIM file with DISM. To accomplsh this we prepare the image by stripping it down (Lenovo stuff away, default apps removed what not is needed). After this, we run Sysprep with generalize option and oob option.


But then, there is absolutely no way Sysprep can be ran. It breaks with an error and despite all advise from Microsoft we cannot get it to work. What is wrong with your Windows 10 on those devices?


The second part is the Firmware, with our Fujitsu and Dell Laptops we can set BIOS options like password, enable/diasble devices etc, from the commandline. With a Thinkpad it is also possible, but with the Ideapad not. And you can imagine that it is a big problem because it will be about 300-600 devices  next year we will deliver.


The solution would be an enterprise grade laptop, but these laptops will be used by "special" persons and our experience is that each device will not survive more then 10-12 months and these laptops are "give and forget" and have no network connection (eg, laptops are used in highly isolated environment where people only come out after they fullfill their time - thats all i can tell".

So my question, how can we get an unique BIOS password (Admin and user) into the bios and disable WiFi and PXE boot? from the command line...

Lenovo Employee rbkirk
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Imaging issues and BIOS settings

First, without a Enterprise Agreement or Volume License agreement in place, the current terms and conditions of your Windows license denies reimaging rights. I'm surprised Microsoft even attempted to help you, as doing so is aiding their customer in violating their own licensing agreement. The system can only be reimaged with factory recovery media if you wish to remain Microsoft Windows license compliant. Sad, but true, and not Lenovo's doing.


The S series also did not have the programattical hooks that the T series (and some other) Thinkpad branded systems have for adjusting BIOS settings other than the old fashioned manual way. Thinkpad branded systems were designed with additional features for large organizations that the Idea branded consumer line does not have.


So...for your first part, reimaging would be a license violation (with Microsoft, not Lenovo). For the second, changing the BIOS programmatically was not part of its design.



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