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New ThinInstaller 1.3.0018


New ThinInstaller availible (1.3.0018) with new switches / options.


From readme :


New in 2019-12-19 release
- Add option download updates only, commandline parameter: -download, -installdeferred
- Add return code for specific scenario
- Add commandline parameter: -packagetypes
- Fix serveral issues


From releasenotes :


New in 2019-12-19 release
1. Add warning text to "Reboot now" dialog.
2. Control package types by command line.
3. Return code 3010 when reboot required.
4. Establish return codes indicating when updates are available or not.
5. Add 'Download only' option for Action on command line.


Does anybody have some information regarding how to use packagetype and returncodes ??


Official documentation seems to be a bit out of date.

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Re: New ThinInstaller 1.3.0018

After some experimentation, here's what I've deduced so far:

  • The "-download and -installdeferred" command line parameters mentioned in the readme are actually options to the -action parameter, i.e. "thininstaller.exe /CM -search A -action DOWNLOAD" etc.
  • When running with the SCAN or DOWNLOAD actions, the process returns with a non-zero error code. The two I've encountered so far are:
    • 20000 - updates needed?
    • 20003 - updates not needed?

I haven't tried doing anything with -packagetypes yet.

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Re: New ThinInstaller 1.3.0018

I've encountered what I suspect is a bug (but without any documenation about this version of ThinInstaller it's impossible to know for sure).


To reproduce, run the following commands on a system where there are updates of both reboot type 1 and 3 available:



ThinInstaller.exe /CM -search A -action DOWNLOAD -repository \\server\LenovoUpdates -includerebootpackages 1,3,4,5 -exporttowmi

ThinInstaller.exe /CM -search A -action INSTALLDEFERRED -repository \\server\LenovoUpdates -includerebootpackages 3 -noicon -noreboot -exporttowmi


Expected result: the second command only attempts to install updates with reboot type 0 and 3

Actual result: the second command attempts to install updates of reboot type 1

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: New ThinInstaller 1.3.0018

Hi rgsteele,


Thanks for letting us know.  We'll take this back to the dev team to investigate.


Also, we are hoping to release a totally new deployment guide for the System Update Suite of tools this month that will cover all the new features missing in the old guide.

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Re: New ThinInstaller 1.3.0018

Here's an update to the exit codes I've encountered.


Exit codes when run with -action DOWNLOAD

  • 20000: updates needed
  • 20003: updates not needed

Exit codes when run with -action SCAN

  • 10001: Updates needed
  • 10000: updates not needed
Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: New ThinInstaller 1.3.0018

Sorry for not adding in previous post.  Here are the return codes that were added to this latest release of Thin Installer for the following actions:



10000 No updates found

10001 Found available updates



20000 All applicable packages were downloaded

20001 Some packages were downloaded

20002 Applicable packages found but no packages downloaded

20003 No applicable updates found



3010 One or more Reboot Type 3 updates installed but the -noreboot command parameter was used; indicates reboot required


Also, regarding the behavior of the DOWNLOAD and INSTALLDEFERRED actions; you can filter the DOWNLOAD action with -includerebootpackages and -packagetypes; however, INSTALLDEFERRED will attempt to install all the deferred updates that were downloaded ignoring those filter parameters.  This is because it would become very complex to maintain that cache of downloaded updates if only a portion was installed.  The intent of these two actions is to provide a scenario where the downloads can occur in the background over a slow link and then later the installations can occur faster with less user impact.

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