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Paper Tape
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Problem application package driver Sccm 2012 - Thinkcentre M720s

Hello Everyone !


I turn to the Lenovo community because I have a problem with Ethernet driver deployment on Lenovo Thinkcentre M720s towers.


Here is our infrastructure :
Windows Server 2012 r2 Datacenter
System Center 2012 SP2 5.00.8239.1000

ADK 8.1 (Winpe 5.0)


I install by a task sequence Windows 10 64 Bits 1709, so I add the ethernet drivers intel i219lm (7) to my boot image, I configured the bios of my thinkcentre in legacy mode I press F12 for launched the boot image, everything goes well I name my post, installation sequences scroll, it applies my Lenovo Intel i219-lm (7) ethernet driver package (official Windows 10 64-bit drivers took on the site of Lenovo then at the end of the installation my post reboots, but I have no network ... and therefore the end of the installation is done and he did not join the domain ....

I took the Lenovo Thincentre 720s ethernet drivers from Lenovo's official site here.


In the .inf file I have Intel i219-lm (7) Windows 64 Bit, if then I install these same drivers manually with a usb key these works perfectly under Windows 10 1709 64bits

In addition, if I use this same sequence of tasks on a laptop Lenovo L580, the installation is perfectly the ethernet drivers for these laptops are Intel i219-lm (4)

So I do not understand what's wrong with these Thinkcentre m720s....


Here is my sequence of spots in pictures (below) :

Sorry it's in french because I work in France Smiley Happy

task sequence.JPG

































What strikes me as strange is that none of the .inf files are copied to the thinkcentre m720s so I do not see how it can be installed.

I checked the smsts.log on the post but no error in my task sequence, except for the http request error that comes back without stopping, because of course it does not rush to join the network.


Which driver should I apply? Classic drivers from Lenovo or the Winpe drivers?

I do not understand the difference between the two

Am I forced to update adk 8.1 to adk 10?

ADK10 Compatible SCCM 2012 SP2?

If you have information I am interested because it's been 1 month that I'm looking for but no solution ...
I thank you community in advance.



Lenovo Employee pjorgensen
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Problem application package driver Sccm 2012 - Thinkcentre M720s

before spending another month troubleshooting this, upgrading your environment to support windows 10 deployments should be priority. your infrastructure is not supported (with the exception of your server 2012 box), even by microsoft, for the version of windows 10  you're trying to deploy.


here's a link that covers windows 10 support with ConfigMgr.

Paper Tape
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Re: Problem application package driver Sccm 2012 - Thinkcentre M720s

Hello everyone,

I thank you for your answer, I agree with you, we have an old version SCCM and the version ADK 8.1 which has long term we will have problems.

However, I was able to solve the problem with the DISM GUI utility.

I retrieved the file "install.wim" of Windows 10 1709 64 Bits, I injected all the Intel i217, i218, i219 (Intel package on the intel site, last version Windows 10 64bits) in the file install.wim and then reloaded the file "install.wim" in sccm so that it gets updated on the DP and distribution points and everything works! Be careful reloading is long !!! I no longer need to add a sequence driver application package in the osd!

The junction to the domain works, the Thinkcentre 720s is ready in 15 minutes!

I hope to help you for those who have problems!

See you soon for new SCCM adventures!

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