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T460s Enterprise Driver Package SCCM



I am downloading the drivers for the T460s for OS:





and I could not help but notice that the package was build in January... by now most of the drivers need updates.

When talking to my peers I was told to NOT use the Lan driver in the package and to import the single one as there are issues with it.


My question is: WHEN are the SCCM packages going to be updated?


I would understand if this was a T430 or even a T440s.... but a new model....



Please advice.



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Re: T460s Enterprise Driver Package SCCM

You can build your own current pack if you wish by entering the four digit machine type (that is NOT T460s, its a different code) into this site:


Or, you can download this app and create your own package in a stroke. It does basically the same thing the webpage above does, except is a stand alone program. Expand this app to full screen when you run it, and note extract and silent install commands in the different columns if you scroll right. If you hold the Ctrl key when you select the leftmost column, you can select multiple packages at once. Put in a path where you see the three dots (...), and hit download and extract...and you will have a current driver package.

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Re: T460s Enterprise Driver Package SCCM



Usually... Usually, this can be somewhere around 3-4 months on a refresh cycle, but we have seen it take longer to get these updated when there are fewer issues with existing drivers or software.  That said, we dont always know when these updates are going to be pushed, but rbkirk is right, you can go out and download the packages individually from the Admin Driver Matrix.  If you decide to use the SCCM pack for all other drivers then opt to import the NIC drivers from the package, ensure you remove the NIC drivers from the SCCM driver pack import, then import  ONLY the drivers you need from the new NIC Driver installation package.  If you import all, you may get some unwanted drivers that could cause issues. (Issues from previous experience.)





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