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The Think Deployment Resource Center is a portal to provide content and documentation for enterprise customers who are performing their own operating system deployments of Lenovo products. The resources found here are aimed at making this process as fast and as easy as possible.


For those who are looking for SCCM Driver Packs and WinPE drivers there is a nice index and Deployment Recipe Cards for the current series of ThinkPads, ThinkCentres and ThinkStations along with some other useful resources for Deployment Engineers.



Think Deployment Resource Center


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So, explain to me why ThinInstaller is something to add to the imaging process.
I read the document but I'm not clear why it's there. Does it help in the long run? Does this mean I don't need to update the deployment shares when adding new drivers? Does it mean that the device post deployment will now automatically update the drivers when newer drivers are found? 

Lots of questions