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Lenovo Staff
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Symptom: On Kaby Lake Refresh systems (T480, X280, X1 Carbon 6th, X1 Yoga 3rd...), when installing Windows 10 1703 (RS2) and previous versions of Windows 10, certain drivers show up as Other Device or show up with an exclamation point (bang) in Device Manager.  The issue includes camera devices previously found under the Imaging class, as wells as Fibocom Wireless devices, in the Network class.


Cause: The current set of drivers validated for these systems are specifically for Windows 10 1709 (RS3).  Microsoft has changed at least one Class ID in Windows 10 (1709) RS3, the Imaging class, where camera devices used to be found, to the Camera class.  This change impacts implementations of Windows 10 1703 (RS2) since the Camera class does not exist, but the device drivers are written for the new class.



In regards to the Fibocom Wireless card, the root cause lies in the driver being written specifically for Windows 10 1709 (RS3) and it not being reverse compatible with previous versions of Windows 10.




So far, the impacted systems are, but not limited to, 11e 5th Gen, E480, E580, L380, L380 Yoga, L480, L580, P52s, T480, T480s, T580, X1 Carbon 6th, X1 Yoga 3rd, X280, X380 Yoga, and Yoga 11e 5th Gen.


Resolution:  Installing Windows 10 1709 (RS3) will resolve the issues.  Follow this link to the solution for RS2 installations.


This KB Article will be updated as information becomes available

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Appreciate the informative post tlawson!


Any update on this? We just got a bunch of new T480s in but the camera doesn't work because we are on Windows 10 v1703. We are in the planning stages to upgrade to v1803 but unfortunately we need these computers now.