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What's DOS?
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X260 thinkpad lenovo _ Boot error

I bought an Lenovo thinkpad X260 with windows 10. I installed ubuntu and ran the two operation systems. Normally, when starting the computer, I can choose ubuntu or windows to start for using. Two days ago, I spent one day without using it and when I open it, the computer started but it didn't open the menu to choose operating systems. Otherwise, it opened the Boot Menu with 4 menu items (ubuntu, Windows boot loader, Ata HDD0: DISK and PCI LAN) but nothing works.
1. I try to run the Lenovo Diagnostics in the App Menu tab and everything PASSED. (Just one thing, when I check the mother board: DMA -> not applicable)

2. I try to reinstall ubuntu: It can run the installation but after reset, it show the Boot Menu againt.

3. I try to install windows (format all partitions and disk). It can run the installation but after restart, it showed the Boot Menu againt with nothing changes.

Thank for reading and please help me.

Lenovo Employee rbkirk
Lenovo Employee
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Re: X260 thinkpad lenovo _ Boot error

What you are doing is unsupported this advice is also unofficial, and may in fact not work...


At this point, with goodness knows how corrupt your partitions are, I would first start by using the Microsoft DISKPART command to clean the drive completely. In fact, I would use the CLEAN ALL parameters, which is much slower than just CLEAN, to fully overwrite the drive.


Then, with a blank slate, you can attempt to rebuild the drive with whatever partitioning software you use to allow a dual boot configuration.


I would also update the BIOS on the system before you start to clean the drive.

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