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Calendar dismissals don't sync (Droid X2)

[Sorry if this is a double post, I got an error message on my last post and I don't see it in the list]

I haven't been able to get the phone to sync my dismissals of an appointment or invite in either direction. For example, if I dismiss a 3 PM appointment on my phone, the reminder still shows up on my webmail (even if I refresh webmail). If I dismiss a 4 PM appointment on my webmail, it continues to show up in my phone Notifications regardless. Yet everything else in my calendar sync is working fine.

I tested this in Moxier, Touchdown, and RoadSync too. RoadSync had the exact same problem. Curiously, Moxier would sync dismissals from the phone to the PC, but not from the PC to the phone. Touchdown was the exact opposite: It would sync dismissals from the PC to the phone, but not from the phone to the PC.

I had assumed this would be standard functionality. Am I missing something? Is my Exchange server set up funny? Or is it this way intentionally, because some users want to be able to dismiss appointments on one device but still have them show up on another?