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Droid/2/X/Pro: Cannot dial conference call from calendar item

Making the move from Blackberry to the Droid has been a challenge for 2 main reasons; push Exchange email (which Moto is working on according to the forums), and the ability to click on a conference call number and have it dial as expected.  That second one is particularly painful as i haven't found an acceptable workaround.

If you are not familiar with this - the Blackberry devices understand that when they see a number in the location field from an Outlook meeting request, such as 800-555-1212 x123456# they should dial the toll free number, wait for a connection, then pass through the remainder of the string so that you don;t have to deal with it.  While this may not seem like a big deal, it is huge for us as, right or wrong, people take lots of confernce calls in the car.  Blackberry = press on the number and participate, Droids = dial the number, hope you can remember the passcode, enter it manually, etc.

If you try the location field link on a Droid it gives you the option for Maps or VZ Navigator since I guess it thinks this is an address or coordinate on the planet.  I was really hoping that this would be addressde when the Pro came out but unfortunately it has not.  I don't know if this is an android thing or a Moto thing but it is a frustrating thing that I am surprised others haven't complained about.

Is this the right place to take something like this?  Is this a bug or an enhancement request?  I vote bug.  I'll follow whatever process is required but this one really should be addressed.  i hate to say it but Touchdown seems to handle this correctly using a setting for "normalizing phone numbers" but Touchdown is not the solution that meets all of our needs.

Any help or attention to this is appreciated.  Thanks.

What's DOS?
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Re: Droid/2/X/Pro: Cannot dial conference call from calendar item

I noticed this too, as a convert from a Blackberry.  It is quite annoying, especially since I'm on concalls fairly frequently.  I'm not sure if this is a Motorola issue, or an Android issue though, as this is my first Android-based phone.

What's DOS?
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Re: Droid/2/X/Pro: Cannot dial conference call from calendar item

I paid the $4 for the Android Calendar Dialer app by Andro Caldissian.  When your alarm goes off, it the Outlook meeting request phone number is underlined.  Tap it, and the Android Calendar Dialer takes this # and puts it in a new window.  Tap on it in this new window to dial it.  Multi step (my BB was much more integrated), but at least it works. 

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Re: Droid/2/X/Pro: Cannot dial conference call from calendar item

I thought that this issue was going to be addressed in Gingerbread, as the release annoucement states:

Easy conference dialing allows you to dial the conference number and the meeting code will be automatically entered directly from your Calendar.

But I have not be able to figure out the formating of the numbers to make this function work.  I have look in the update owners manual, search support ect. 

Does anyone know how this enhancement is suppose to work???

What's DOS?
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Re: Droid/2/X/Pro: Cannot dial conference call from calendar item

You should be able to dial the conference call number from the calendar event if the phone number is located within the description or details of the event.  If the phone number is located within the location "where" field, it will process the action as a location and prompt for mapping options.

Hope this helps