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What's DOS?
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Out Look 2007 and Bionic any Luck?

Ok this is my first smart phone and I was under the asumption that Motorala and the Droid Bionic  was going to be Microsoft friendly. However I cannot fond a good app that will transfer mt Outlook 2007 to my phone that is not connected to google, has any one had any success?


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Re: Out Look 2007 and Bionic any Luck?

If your outlook 2007 connect to an Exchange Server, you could setup a corpsync account on the phone, and it will sync with your Exchange server and get all your contacts.

If you are using outlook as a standalong application, you could also export your contacts into a spreadsheet file, then import into your gmail account. Once you sign in with your google account on the phone, the contacts will also sync into the phone.

The detailed instruction is here:

Here is the quote from our FAQ:

Sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes using a USB cable.

While we do not endorse or guarantee these solutions, or provide support for them, some owners have reported success using a 3rd party Android Application like "