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Outlook/Exchange Calendar not synching with my D2G

I have a D2G.  I'm connected to my firm's corporate server and have no problem getting e-mails or adding, deleting or editing contacts.  The problem is my calendar does not appear to sync any of my new appointments.  My calendar has some recurring and older appointments on it, but it does not have most of my appointments for yesterday, today, tomorrow etc.

I know for a fact that there was a workaround a couple months ago, however I had to do wipe my phone last week and apparently that wiped the workaround (which none of my IT people or I can recall what the workaround was).

My seemingly simple question is, how do I properly sync my calendar?

If it helps:

Outlook: 2007 SP2

System Version: 2.4.330.A956

Android Version: 2.2

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Outlook/Exchange Calendar not synching with my D2G

If you are using Corp Sync when you setup your email account on your phone, it should sync all your mail with your calendar and contacts. You may check the settings-> accounts-> corp sync account. Ensure you checked them all.

Your outlook should sync with your exchange server as well, if you are using standalone outlook and your calendar will be only available on your local computer. You need to make sure your calendar was also synced from your outlook to your exchange server.

Please also provide your exchange server version/service pack version if you need furtuer assistance.