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What's DOS?
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Can only view some emails

I have a Motorola Atri x and have it setup to access my work emails. It receives all of my new emails without a problem and when I can see an email everything works fine however it only seems to access the last couple of emails received. Is there a reason I can't access older emails? I seem to be able to look in folders (that I have setup on my work emails) but generally there is nothing in them (unless something was recently added).

I have tried searching but that doesn't achieve anything either.

Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

What's DOS?
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Re: Can only view some emails

Make sure that your settings are configured correctly.

From the home screen go to:

settings>battery&data manger>data delivery>email and corporate sync>email delivery>folder sync>(select the correct email account)>near the top of the screen is the default sync amount, change to the desired sync amount.