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Droid X Corporate messaging

Hi All,

Sounds similar to the other posts but I recently starting experiencing this (again) on my Droid X.  Prior to the 2.2.1 update, corporate push was unreliable but since then it seemed much improved and I never had gaps or delays of more than a few minutes.

This past week, however, push on the corporate account has been flaky and it stopped completely yesterday afternoon or perhaps last night (not sure that I noticed it right away since entering the mailbox and/or refreshing pulls in the new mail).

I cleared the email and messaging caches and removed and re-added the corporate email account with no success.

Finally, I restarted in recovery mode and carried out the wipe local cache and restarted.  Things seem to be syncing via push again for the corporate account.

Not sure if this would help others experiencing problems or not but I wanted to post since some of the other posts seem Droid 2 / Pro specfic and also since I've seen the comments that when this affects phones there's no real fix until the update is released (and I'm hoping that update will apply to Droid X as well).


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Re: Droid X Corporate messaging


Thanks for sharing your tips here. Droid X will get the Gingerbread upgrade soon and it will have the push fix as well.


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Re: Droid X Corporate messaging

One issue I've seen with the released (596) version of GB - I cannot get my "Sent" folder to sync in the background.

I select "Auto sync in background" for the folder, exit out of Corporate Sync, wait about 10 seconds or so and go back in and it's back to "Manual".  Other folders appear to sync fine.

Anyone else notice this ?