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What's DOS?
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email drafts

Can not find email drafts

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Re: email drafts

If you are in the inbox of your email account, you should be able to see a green "+" sign on the top right hand conner, if you have any draft, you should see it with some numbers. like "+2" means you have two drafts.

However, it's not synced with your exchange mailbox, it a local copy only. If you have any drafts you saved in your Draft folder when using outlook or OWA, those drafts will not be able to sync into your phone.

What's DOS?
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Re: email drafts

Emails drafted on the device are indeed saved locally only (can be found by

tapping on the "+" as liu.tiger27 pointed out.

However, drafts created on your computer will be synced to the phone.  You

can find them by going to Folders and opening the Draft folder.

The application does not support synchronizing draft folder at this time.

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