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Activesync Encryption Policy Support?


We are looking at Android as an option for our end users, but we cannot support the phone if it does not comply with the Activesync Encryption policies. It does not seem like any of Verizon Android phones support the Encyption policies (located ). One problem I am seeing at my company, however, is that somehow, these phones can still be activated even though they do not support the policy. Was this an oversight? There is no device-level encryption for the phones yet.

I also noticed that the Droid Pro boasts encryption as a feature - but on the website I do not see any mention of support for the encryption policy. Is this true? And if not, when can I expect the Droid Pro to be updated with this feature?

In addition, do you plan on bringing this policy to other devices, such as the Droid X or Droid 2? Thanks for any information you can share.

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Re: Activesync Encryption Policy Support?

the droid pro advertising says encryption is coming "early 2011"

Hopefully someone from moto can give us more specifics but thought you mind find the little info available helpful.

What's DOS?
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Re: Activesync Encryption Policy Support?

Android does not include support for encryption until Honeycomb.  The Xoom tablet is the first Android device to support device encryption.

Not sure about this, but your Exchange Admin may have the "Allow non-provisionable devices" option enabled on the server.  If this is set, devices that do not support the full ActiveSync policies would still be allowed to access the Exchange server.

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Re: Activesync Encryption Policy Support?

The Droid Pro does support encryption for both the internal storage and the SD card.