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couple bugs: can't move icons, facebook sync...

2010-11-25, 2:28 AM

Hi everyone,

I just bought this phone a couple days ago and have been playing with it and customizing it.

I've run into a couple bugs and I was wondering if anyone had the same problems and if they have found a fix for these.

Home screen bugs:

- Sometimes, I am not able to move icons around on the home screen. What happens is that I can select the icon with a long press but when I move them, the green shadow that usually appears at the new location I want to put the icon is not there and when I release, the icon disappears. When this happens I am also not able to add an icon from the application menu and same problem with widgets. I've noticed that after a reboot, these "lost" icons reappear in one of the 2 folders I have created, (even though the icons I have tried to move were on a different home screen..) and I can move icons around again. This seems to have started happening after I have started using folders on one of my home screen but I'm not too sure if it's related...

- Sometimes, the text under each icons are cut. What i mean by cut is that I can only see the upper half of the text. This is also fixed with a reboot and sometimes it will fix itself when I'm browsing inside the phone. This problem is not too bad as I can still recognize apps with their icons but with the addition of the bug I explained previously, I've had to reboot my phone many times already which gets annoying.

Facebook bugs:

- The facebook widget is unable to load after I updated the FB app with the latest version.

- After the update, I also cannot add the facebook account in my contact.

So what I did is uninstall the update and I was able to use the widget and have my contacts imported to my phone using the stock version of FB that came with the phone. But after that I ran into another bug.

- Even though I now have my facebook contacts in my phones contacts list with their phone number and email, their pictures do not appear. But it's weird though because I have found that I could add the "facebook Phonebook" folder on my homescreen which shows all my facebook contacts who have put their phone number on facebook and they appear with their profile picture. But then by using this way to browse through my contacts, I cannot see my contacts that are not on facebook.

- Also now when I go see my contacts detail using the regular contacts list, I have the "Facebook profile / View profile" field duplicated 6 times. This seems to be because I have tried to sync the facebook account many times through the "manage accounts" settings and I can't seem to delete that.

Has anyone else had these problems as well?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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