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What's DOS?
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Angry with Motorola?

The only thing this phone does well is have a real keyboard.  Every other aspect is *such* a disappointment!  From the fixed-focus camera to the way-too-little RAM to the amount of cr@p that gets installed by AT&T, this phone is a prime example of the end user being an afterthought.  Notice I said "end user", because Motorola's "customer" is really AT&T.

Granted, AT&T shares much of the blame with Motorola, but with my entire extended family on AT&T, I'm pretty well stuck with them.  Motorola, however, is another thing altogether, and at this point it might take a LOT to get me to do business with them again.

End of rant.


What's DOS?
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Re: Angry with Motorola?

preach on!!!

i was so excited when this phone came on the market and had such high expectations, but you're right. there is very little to do with it other then make calls, check email and look at the pretty colors when it starts up. shame, too-android seems like a really cool o.s., but i wouldn't know, because I OWN A FLIPSIDE!!!!

just sayin' would be nice to have a LITTLE bit of space to play with apps and stuff, seeing as that's what i bought the damn thing for!

What's DOS?
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Re: Angry with Motorola?

Have you updated Froyo to 2.2.2?

It makes a BIG difference!

Once you do, go the Android Market and download an APP to SD app... You'll be able to move 80-90% of the apps in the phone memory to your SD card.

You'll like your Flipside much, much more!

(Well, except for the camera. It still kinda stinks. Don't know what Motorola was thinking! :/ )


Happy New Year!