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FLIPSIDE: Camera is Unreliable in 2.2

I've never really used the camera on this device all that much, as the photo quality isn't all that great, but since the update, capturing a single photo goes something like this...

1. Press and hold the camera button and wait about 20 seconds while absolutely nothing changes on the screen.

2. Wait another 40 - 60 seconds while the screen goes completely blank.  If this doesn't happen, start over at step 1.

3. Once the image appears on the screen, press the camera button again and hold completely still (and hope the subject does) for 1 - 15 seconds. Wait for the shutter sound.

4. Wait for the thumbnail image to appear in the lower-left corner, then touch it to view.  Wait another 60 - 90 seconds for the photo to load... if it does.  Make sure it isn't blurry, which it probably is since it took so long to snap.

5. If the photo does not appear, do not bother taking another photo (if the subject is even still around at this point).  Instead, reboot the phone and start over.

For the few times I've attempted to take a photo, I'd say one out of three of them is actually successful.  The rest of the time, it shows a thumbnail of the image, but when I try to go back and find them, the pictures have not saved anywhere.  While rebooting helps, it's not exactly the fastest process, and it only fixes the problem temporarily.  I've missed more photo opportunities than I've actually captured.  I recently tried to capture the license plate of a vehicle in a hit-and-run scenario, and the car was long gone before the app even came up.  Factory resets, trying different SD cards, and killing off background apps are all to no avail.  Has anyone else had this much trouble with the camera?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?