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Re: Flipside Touchscreen Issues....

I have an Atrix, and love it. 

But, back to the issue at hand.

Please back up all data that you would like saved, as the following will completely reset your phone to factory condition (2.2).

If someone would try this, that is having this touchscreen issue, and post the results, that would be great.

I would do this to mine, but I'm not having this issue.

First, after backing up any media, or files you would like to save.  Please format your sd card, if you have one installed now.

Then complete the following:


  1. Power off your phone
  2. Open the hardware keyboard
  3. Hold the X key and then hold the power button
  4. When you see the Moto symbol you can release the power key
  5. Hold the X key until you see a triangle with an exclamation point
  6. Press the Up and Down Volume keys at the same time
  7. You will now see a menu on the screen
  8. Use the hardware keyboard cursor keys (lower left in portrait mode) to move the blue highlight to the various selections. You want to highlight "wipe cache/partition (I can't remember exactly the wording"
  9. Press the return key (to the right of the OK key with the phone in portrait mode) on the hardware keyboard to select the option that is highlighted.
  10. Use the cursor keys to highlight YES from the next menu.
  11. Press the return key to complete the selection
  12. The phone will begin to wipe. WAIT until it says it is complete
  13. Next navigate to "wipe date/reset".
  14. When it is complete you will see the the menu again, select "Reboot system now" with the cursor keys
  15. Press the return key to reboot the phone.

I hope this will work out for at least a few of you. 

And "No" this is just not "another factory reset".  When doing this from the Android Recovery menu, it seems to work better, and also we are adding the wipe cache/partition step, which seems to help out.



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Re: Flipside Touchscreen Issues....

--unnecessary comment removed-- all you seem to do is defend ATT and its product. honestly none of us care for any of your defenses or constant insistance that everything is the user fault. That everything should be taken care of by the user and that everything that happens is their fault. That there is absolutely anything wrong with the Flipside and that you have 1000 of then you use everyday. 

you know what that spells? POOR QUALITY and POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. the phone is a failure and its obvious there will be no continuation of this product and i am willing to bet this phone will suffer a recall and will no longer be produced.

--Unnecessary comment removed-- Every fathomable avenue of approach to correcting this issue has been tried. variables have been ruled out and environments have not been pin pointed. This phone has an oversensitive screen and theres no marketing ploy to cover that up. you dont even have to touch the screen for it to consider it an "interaction".

if anyone has read my prior post all of my predicitons have come to light. More and more people will start voicing there complaints and this phone will finds its resting place amont Motorola's E815.

This is a poor product and needs to be recalled to save the corporation giant money.  It needs to be immediately recalled and replaced with a model that has a proven track record.

On top of having to live with this "ghost" touching the screen, deleting or moving items the GPS has also become an issue with many user's.  The reason why its not become a big an issue as the screen is because the majority of people have no need for the GPS.  Eventually more and more people will voice more complaints about the GPS. 

its obvious why you defend the product. you have interest in defending it and its obvious you would blame the user's and not the product.

The only way Motorola will do something is when it begins to suffer severe losses in revenue do to a specific issue.  This has began to take place as Motorola is spending more and more money on shipping and replacing defective phones with......the same defective phones that where sent back. As this cycle increases Business Analyist for Motorola will begin to identify an unacceptable loss because of this phone. Then and only then will things begin to change.

--unnecessary comment removed-- You are giving advice to consumers that voids the warranty on these phones.  It is in the fine print of the contracts issued.  It is of no concern if a regular civilian offers this advice as an end user accepts responsibility for making these suggested changes.  However since you have interest you become liable personally. 

take care

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Re: Flipside Touchscreen Issues....



Sergeant LeRoy

P.S.-You can thank the US Marine Corps for having the freedom --Removed--

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What's DOS?
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Re: Flipside Touchscreen Issues....

I'm having the exact same problem with this.

I bought my Flipside near the beginning of the year, and it's done this ever since. The Froyo update did nothing.

Does anyone know what to do about this?

I'm just about to call AT&T and ask for a new phone.

What's DOS?
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Re: Flipside Touchscreen Issues....

my flipside does it too, but i also noticed that it is VERY sensitive to a dirty screen... if i keep my screen clean with lens cleaning screen wipes, it seems to solve the problem.  its the oil from your fingers, i think.