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What's DOS?
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How to delete data

I admit that I am having the hardest time learning how to use this phone and the user's guide is useless.  My phone would not let me to a text today because I have too much stored data.  I don't get it.  I made about 4 texts since I got the phone and my contact list has about 20 contacts.  Clearly something is downloading and saving, but I can't even find out how to delete old texts?  I can't tell what application I actually need to be working or on, and there's a ton of them that I can't figure out what they do.  I got this phone so I could get on line and google if I needed to, but there's just too much crap available that I can't follow understand.  I realize I sound pathetic.  For now, can anyone tell me how to delete stored data.  Thanks.

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: How to delete data

If you go to "menu" + "settings" + "applications" and select "all" tab, you should see the list of all your apps. You can enter any but I would start with the browser and music and select "clear cache". To delete an old text, you should just scroll down to it in the list of your conversations, and long-press a desired conversation and you should get an option to delete.