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What's DOS?
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When a Contact is sent as a VCF file (Vcard) why is the "+" char dropped?

My phone number in my Contact List is: +1-321-543-xxxx

When using the "Share" command from the menu of the Contact List, the number comes out: 1-321-543-xxxx

The "+" character is not used if a call is placed from North America (Country Code 1). If I were in the UK, the "+" would be replaced by the European Exit Code of "00". To place the call from Europe, the phone would know the "+" means to dial: 00-1-321-543-xxxx.

I want the person getting my Vcard to get my phone number with the "+" character. Why is it removed? Is it a Motorola Problem, or an Android Problem?

The Vcard as received in the e-mail sent by the phone can be found at:

While this is an obscure problem, I hope you will agree it is non-trivial.


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