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Paper Tape
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Trouble finding support resources


I signed up for a Lenovo account for one reason - to express what a horrible support website is and has always been.

I worked for a Lenovo reseller for years and I'm now trying to look up information for a personal customer. I have wasted hours and hours of my life on the site trying to get drivers, warranty info, or documentation for Lenovo prducts. Mostly I get sent in circles.


I have almost thrown my own Lenovo against the wall a few times in the past hour due to this horrific website.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Trouble finding support resources

I also find it absurd that all related information to a certain product isn't available directly from the product page, but instead, for the most part, needing to through subpages, Which ads an extra step if what you want isn't in the section you assumed it would be. and at least 2 subpages when you actually need to contact someone-- and in tiny font -- and depending on the country, yet another one or TWO subsections where the link isn't prominant.


I get that lots of people don't read the manual/faq and you want them to go through those first. But for those people who have done so, or know their issue already isn't answered -- or even requiring a second communication for an existing issue. It gives the impression that lenovo doesn't *really* wish to give support and hopes people will give up before finding contact information.


It's ok to put the contact button at the bottom, to make sure people read, It's ok to have a check box or something to remind people to read what's already there, but contact information -- or the link to it if you want to put it in a subpage -- should be prominant and clearly visible. It should be a major visual element on the page.


As for looking for Drivers though, should be on the right side of the product page in a desktop view, under update your system... and that... is also pretty disorganized. Often not mentioning which model requires what, and needing you to either do your own research or trial and error.

What's DOS?
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Re: Trouble finding support resources

Same here. Also discovered that on the main site, most of the footer links lack the domain, so they try to go to:




which obviously does not work. Tried in 3 browsers, no joy.


All I'm trying to do is identify a Lenovo laptop that for some unknown reason has NO model number anywhere, inside or out. (Yes, I even took it apart trying to find that. I might have found a serial number and a manufacture date, and lots of parts numbers, but no model.) Why? Because it uses some weird proprietary power supply that I need to ID before I can buy it a new one (original lost in transit, and battery is too far gone to power on). Can't even sell it for parts on ebay without a model number. Into the trash, most likely, and never another Lenovo.


Oh, and the site makes me re-log-in every time I go to a different page.

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