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How do I start a new post?


I just signed up for the forum and have spent a lot of time reading posts, and am perplexed by not seeing any way I can ask a question.  I have seen no way for me to ask a question except to add a comment to an existing thread. Am I missing something or am I just supposed to read & not ask?


Forum users may join an existing discussion from within a discussion thread by clicking the Reply or Quick Reply button, or they may create a new discussion thread by clicking the New Message button shown in the example below.


Please note that there are several pre-requisites:


1) You must be logged in (signed in) to Community.


2) Your account must be verified. After registration, an email is sent to the email address you provided during registration and there is a verification ink to click.  Until validated, your new account will not have permission to post or send private messages, so if you are logged in as a new member and don't see the button shown below, likely your account has not been verified.


3) You must be at a board level rather than category or community level in the navigation, please also ensure that you have expanded the Full Board List and are not viewing via the Recent Topics or Latest Solutions features. See illustration below:






The image below shows the button for creating a brand new message to start off your topic in the selected board.




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daggarwal On 2013-11-01, 16:56 PM

Dear forum users,


I have just joined the forum. Just didn't understand how to post something somewhere. I am not sure if I am using the right place. I just bought aan all in one series 5 from PC world yesterday (UK). This one refuses to connect to internet. Please help.....

Kathym On 2013-11-03, 22:16 PM


I am new and can't find where to post so hope this is it 

PIE have a touch screen all in one that I upgraded to windows 8 but need to buynumber to make it permanent but my problem is I can't get my touch screen to work it did do so it'srecent I think it's the 3 series I have 

Thanks kath 

Its 64 bit

d3Eva On 2013-12-19, 17:39 PM


RupertS On 2014-01-08, 12:47 PM

I can't start a new post. I have logged into the forum and validated my account but am unsure how to check whether I'm at board level. I can't see the 'new message' image.

phshannon On 2014-01-09, 13:02 PM

How do you navigate to board level?

Cleo_Lenovo On 2014-01-13, 8:31 AM

RupertS and phshannon,


I've added an image in the article which shows the category and board level for better illustration of the statement. Hope this helps.



rod55555 On 2014-01-31, 18:28 PM

ThinkPad T 42 7378 C88




I have downloaded file “1KWC42WW.EXE” The problem I have is clearing the “USE WINDOWS TO CONFIGURE MY WIRELESS NETWORK” . It will not clear the check mark? I use WIN XP SP 1, a THINKOAD T 42 , 2378, C88, NETGEAR ROUTER GWR614V10. is there a fix for this. I would approach your help?


WINDOWS PUTS for IP ADDRESS I don’t know ware windows get this address from? PHYSICAL MAC 00.0E.9B.48.8F.13 this is correct my NETGEAR ROUTER wgr614V10 can see this but not the IP ADDRESS and not the name of my laptop,

Thanks rod


Moderator note; e-mail address removed to stop the spambots getting it

Gaviota On 2014-04-07, 3:13 AM



I bought a lenovo laptop 440p, with windows 7. I find the monitor smaller than I thought and want to add a monitor, and also likely a keyboard. Can anyone tell me If I can do this, and suggest a monitor and keyboard? If you have or had this set up, did you encounter any difficulties? Many thanks for any information.

NateS On 2014-04-16, 3:53 AM
Mark_Lenovo On 2013-12-01, 22:58 PM

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