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I have posted a question and concern on the Forum.  With many users and on going discussions, I can't recall  where I initially posted my question. 


How do I locate my initial post?  Can I get alerted to replies on the discussion thread?


To locate the forum posts that you had posted :


  1. On forum landing page, click on your own member name on the top right and then "My profile" to get to your profile page
  2. Once at your Profile page, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll see your recent 5 posts
  3. Clicking on the "Subject" of the post will bring you to view the full post.


Tip: If you have more than 5 posts, you'll see a clickable "View All"  link to view all the posts.   


To be alerted on new posts on a discussion or the thread that you are interested in, you can do either of the following:

  1. Subscribe to the post to get email alerts on discussions or replies.
  2. Bookmark the post so that it gets listed on a special page and you can find it easily on your next visit to the Forum

Check out our community knowledge base for the article on  how to subscribe or bookmark.


To view and manage your subscriptions and bookmarks, check out this article.

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I'm a new member, even couldn't find the "new message link" to post my question. Also what does the 'board' mean to choose to get the "new message link"? Too user-unfriendly this web pages for non-IT user


I have just moved to Lenovo after enjoying 3 years of wonderful support from Dell. First day and I am regretting the move. Your introduction to Lenovo support is 1 hour of opera music. Just not good enough when I have paid a premium for 3 years of support. There is no message saying where you are in the que - just music. I am seriously thinking about putting the machine on ebay - after day 1. I am running a business and can't afford such poor service. I support is important to you - I would suggest you think twice. The Dell machine was a breeze to set up - unlike this one.


Hi there I have a questions on my smartphone Lenovo A536 which I was bought 2days ago, I wonder why the kitkat logo

on my phone is just a big letter K, while I notice that most of the picture I have seen it is an Andriod name with a red background on it, and also i would to know what will happen if i update the phone? Thats all thank you. 


Why is it so hard to start a new post?


My issue is small. My keyboard needs to be replaced but after 20 minutes talking with your 3rd world call center (with no supervisers availabe).


I am to understand that the under keyboard supports falling out and breaking is my fault '"physical damage"?


I didn't bang the keyboard on anything (or use it to kill say a giant on a beanstalk) so how is it physical damage?


I bought a $1300 dollar computer... I guess I also got the $3 keyboard.


I worked in IT and bought many Lenovo machines (upwards of $100k in some years).


I like many are done with Lenovo...


I like quality in what I buy and respect when I call in. The person I talked to didn't even know you can get the serial number from the lenovo support software and made me find it on the computer.


That is a great burden when you are differently abled (which I told the operator about).


Maybe you need changes in purchasing, equipment sourcing, and changing the answers to questions (or adding more information) that is given to customers.


Still done with Lenovo...


Still done with Lenovo...