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I just signed up for the forum and have spent a lot of time reading posts, and am perplexed by not seeing any way I can ask a question.  I have seen no way for me to ask a question except to add a comment to an existing thread. Am I missing something or am I just supposed to read & not ask?


Forum users may join an existing discussion from within a discussion thread by clicking the reply button, or they may create a new discussion thread by clicking the new message button shown in the example below.


Please note that there are several pre-requisites:


1) You must be logged in (signed in) to the forum 


2) Your account must be validated. After registration, an email is sent to the email address you provided during registration and there is a validation link to click.  Until validated, your new account will not have permission to post or send private messages, so if you are logged in as a new member and don't see the button shown below, likely your account has not been validated.


3) You must be at a board level rather than category or community level in the navigation, please also ensure that you have expanded the Full Board List and are Not viewing via the Recent Topics or Latest Solutions features. See illustration below:







Image below shows the button for creating a brand new message to start off your topic in the selected board.




For more info, kindly refer to this Forum Help on how to start posting:

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I do not find the "NEW MESSAGE" hot spot in ANY Levono forum!!


got it thanks!! i am loving my lenovo


I don't have the "New Message" tab either! Please Help!


In order for the new message button to be visible, you must:


1) Be logged in


2) Have validated your forum registration - there is a message sent to your email to validate after you register.  If you do not do this, you do not have the required permissions to post or to send private messages.


3) You must be at a board level, not category or community level in the navigation.


Dear forum users,


I have just joined the forum. Just didn't understand how to post something somewhere. I am not sure if I am using the right place. I just bought aan all in one series 5 from PC world yesterday (UK). This one refuses to connect to internet. Please help.....



I am new and can't find where to post so hope this is it 

PIE have a touch screen all in one that I upgraded to windows 8 but need to buynumber to make it permanent but my problem is I can't get my touch screen to work it did do so it'srecent I think it's the 3 series I have 

Thanks kath 

Its 64 bit


How do you navigate to board level?

RupertS and phshannon,


I've added an image in the article which shows the category and board level for better illustration of the statement. Hope this helps.




ThinkPad T 42 7378 C88




I have downloaded file “1KWC42WW.EXE” The problem I have is clearing the “USE WINDOWS TO CONFIGURE MY WIRELESS NETWORK” . It will not clear the check mark? I use WIN XP SP 1, a THINKOAD T 42 , 2378, C88, NETGEAR ROUTER GWR614V10. is there a fix for this. I would approach your help?


WINDOWS PUTS for IP ADDRESS I don’t know ware windows get this address from? PHYSICAL MAC 00.0E.9B.48.8F.13 this is correct my NETGEAR ROUTER wgr614V10 can see this but not the IP ADDRESS and not the name of my laptop,

Thanks rod


Moderator note; e-mail address removed to stop the spambots getting it




I bought a lenovo laptop 440p, with windows 7. I find the monitor smaller than I thought and want to add a monitor, and also likely a keyboard. Can anyone tell me If I can do this, and suggest a monitor and keyboard? If you have or had this set up, did you encounter any difficulties? Many thanks for any information.


I have validated my forum registration by replying to the registration message sent to my email.  I'm signed in, but I can't navigate to the board level. I choose board from the drop down list and  enter a search for How do I start a new post?; but the box reverts to community..


I would like to post a message on my G780 laptop, but cannot find the proper location.  My problem is this:  my unit displays a black screen until I plug in the charger.   But it is fully charged.   What can I do to correct this?  This is a new problem, and it is now out of warranty.

Anyone else having this problem? Started about 6 months ago, and is happening with increasing frequency. As I'm moving it, my mouse blinks off with a chirping sound, making it impossible to click on anything. I have to keep moving it back and forth until it blinks back on (again, with a chirping sound). Eventually, the mouse just freezes (as if it's not even plugged in). When this happens, the keyboard also freezes, and no keystrokes register on the screen. The only way out of this is for me to hard power my desktop PC off and on, after which the rigamarole begins again. Happens whether I'm on the internet or not. (It's particularly frustrating when it happens when I playing a game.) It's like the processor loses contact with these USB ports, until the hard reboot. Anyone have any ideas what's going on?

I have signed in but cannot post a question. It could be that when I first signed in a long time ago I missed the validation email and just didn't return to the forum due to other distractions in my life.  How can I get my registration validated at this point? Thank you.


what does it say when a new user has a hard time finding out how to post?

got it thanks!! i am loving my lenovo


What page (link) do I need to be on to find the “NEW MESSAGE” shown on this page?


how i bocome board level ?


Dear sir,


As per your guideline we had reset the phone as given code ####7777#, but still the problem not resolved. But we used another Lenovo mobile battery now the mobile phone did not switch off even once, i.e there was a problem in a battery. Also my battery was under warranty hence I want the replacement of battery. Pl guide me thro' this.(pl refer my earlier complaint no -215898337)

The Reference Number for this interaction is 215916431

My mobile imei no is 866043020151414




Sudhir Thakur


Hi people. New man here. I have done the registration and confirmed my mail address. I am logged in (if not I would not been able to write this), but STILL NO NEW TOPIC BUTTON.

Does some time have to pass before it appares? 


Hello I have an older Lenovo h215 I'm trying to hook up a HP scan jet 4050 scanner I have tried several usb ports on my desk top occasionaly a message window comes up telling me the mass storage device usb port is faster. even tho the scanner is hooked up I have no manual and all the pictures I have found of the front and back ports do not indicate which port the message is refering to. I seem to have to shut down the computer unplug the usb of the scanner then plug it in again so the computer recognizes the scanner before i can use the scanner I have every thing set to use at 32 bit. I could really use some help When I use device manager it indicateds a mass storage device but not the physical location of the usb port it refers to.


Thanks Jeff


You are a bit out of topic here JeffClark. This post is about how to start a new post



I have a tab2 A10-70 since yesterday and videos on apps and on the net are pixelated at first and then get slightly better but never reach full hd. Youtube works perfectly though, full hd. Don't understand, it does NOT come from my connexion since my 1€ tablet got better resolutions. I've noticed that the video doesn't delay a little bit before it starts like it normally does on my pc. With the tablet it starts right away with a crappy resolution. 


I would very much appreciate your help



My name is Bernard Tan, from Malaysia, i bought a Lenovo Laptop in January 2015, unfortunately i was being robbed, and it was robbed away, my friend suggested that this is actually claimable from Lenovo as i still keeping all the receipt as well as police report, I would like to find out more on this, thanks 




Bernard Tan


The time has come for the admin of this forum to react. A lot of the postings in this thread is of topic. 


I still cannot see the "new message" button, even thought I think I fulfil all the criterias mentioned in the beginning of this thread. I that was not the case, it would not be possible for me to write this comment. 



I still cannot find how to post a new message/question.  I registered for a new account, verified my account, logged out and back in and I'm still not able to find the "new message" button.  What is the link to "board level" page?  It shouldn't be this difficult to post a new message/question!


This is a bloody frustrating Forum. Too obtuse about posting an new incident.


Your UI is very user unfriendly. To find one simple option - "new comment" I must be scientist. There is no this option after sign up.


Still cant figure out how to post a new thread. Very user unfriendly.

Has anyone yet come up with a way to post to this forum? I have a question on a T530, and after reading all of the above comments, cannot still figure out how to start a new post. I have validated my account (again), and can query a number of posts, but cannot find a way to get to the "board" level in order to see any sort of button to start a new message. This is insane...

I can't find where to post my question. Assistance please


This forum is very badly designed. I hope the people who designed it aren't also working on your laptops.


 Hi. I had the same problem. Here's what I did to start a new post


Click Forums at the top


On the right hand side you'll see something like this

Image 1.png


Click any of the tags

Then click any of the posts

On the right hand side you'll see this


Image 2.png


Click on the one that matches your Computer type (mine wasn't listed - I have an Ideacentre, so I just clicked Windows 10)


Then you will be in a Forum

At the top of the posts you'll see a blue link - Start a Topic


That's how I did it. I presume there must be an easier way


Joel Malach




Can not find the button to post on Moto G3. Where is it? I am logged in..


Which idiot designed this forum and what is behind its policy?!! Why we have to search around for new post option??!!! Stupid, malicious **bleep**!


Why does Lenovo make is so difficult to make a new post?


Thank you joelmalach for your instructions and screenshot. I can now post something. I'm sorry but also glad to hear so many others had this issue. I'm glad it wasn't me missing the obvious.  This site needs to be redesigned for user friendliness. The first thing that comes up should be the button to start a new post. Not posts discussing Lenovo events or showing off their latest products. I was referred to this site by Lenovo Advanced Support because the question I had regarding a Lenovo feature was not something they or anyone else in Lenovo support actually supported.


Is it able to remove a topic I created myself?


I don't get the sense that Lenovo monitors forums (thereby taking care of its customers) very well. That should change.


Wow, corporate idiocy at its worst... Took me half an hour of googling to figure out how to post on your forums... thanks to Joelmalach above here, his way actually found me a "Start a topic" button. Next time we are considering suppliers, my input will be to avoid Lenovo the way you seem to avoid your customers with issues...


I recently bought a Lenovo ideapad 110-15ACL. It is the worst laptop I have ever bought. Boy, do I regret it. Lenovo should really give me my money back.

The right-hand shift key is located too far and impossible to reach it without hitting the page up key. As a result, the cursor keeps moving all over the screen. Sometimes the cursor moves to a different spot on the screen, for no reason. 
Sometimes everything I typed highlights itself and deletes itself. This is really a disaster. I wouldn't recommend Lenovo to anybody. They should really stop making laptops. 

It is the ThinkPad that IBM had that was great. But now under Lenovo, I am starting to regret my last year decision to get my ThinkPad. Product support sucks and was asking me to do factory restore without going through the diagnostic steps. I was in-charge of former Compaq laptop factory repairs and was surprised by the short-cuts in the Helpdesk diagnostic.


This website is really in need of major face-lift. Since the start of this tread in 2012, I guess no one in Lenovo is interested to improve the user friendiness. I went through the same problem which many others in this tread had highlighted about the difficulty of posting a new topic.


Lenovo guys, where are you? Are you listening?


It is way too complicated to get to post in this forum. It took me more than 15 minutes to find how to start a new topic.


This way, you are only telling your customers you don't really want to hear from them.




Hi JackFrost,

Totally agreed with you.

I, too was surprised that this issue had been encountered by numerous other customers and as loyal customers, taken the trouble to find a way to post on this forum. For the less technically incline like myself, I took more than an hour before finally chancing on a previous post which provide the steps to do so.

Amazing that todate, Lenovo had taken no attempt to improve and continue to keep this forum as it is. Very disappointed. Guess the customer service is gone now IBM is out of the picture.




Going on the number of people finding it difficult to see how to do something as simple as posting a new question/topic, clearly the current (and past) design is not fit for purpose. Something as basic as posting a new question on a support forum should be intuitive .i.e. easy.


Part of my job is to design User Interfaces (UI) for a living therefore I should be able to navigate around a system but I found it imposable to see where to post a question, even with my second question! The system kept sending me around in loops, it is very frustrating.


My solution, replace the people that designed this feature, they do not have the aptitude for it. 


This problem is not difficult to solve.


Best regards. 


Seems Lenovo is pretty chaotic all round... I also cannot find the new topic button in order to post the following... no way to run a business. What is the email address of the CEO, Managing director, Head Honcho, Main man or woman of Lenovo?  - "I am looking for a spare battery for a Lenovo B phone I purchased recently. I cannot find them on line or in any shops I have inquired in. On contacting Lenovo Customer service through online chat I was advised that you cannot obtain the battery as a spare and the only way to get a spare is to return your phone to the service centre without the battery and tell them you lost it. They will then fit another battery thereby giving you a spare. this would obviously incur postage costs and the chance your phone may get lost or damaged. I could not believe it when the Customer service agent suggested this as the only way to get a spare battery. All the marketing for the phone makes a selling point of it having a removable battery so 'you never run out of power' as you can carry a spare but at the same time it is impossible to obtain a spare battery! Really poor way to run a business."


Have spent hours here reading , etc...How ,do u post a issue here in my area for a Moto g5 plus ????

Found answers but can't get into those areas.