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Appropriate use of "flag for a moderator"



In prior  code versions of our forum, there was an option in the pull down menu to the right side of a posted message labeled "abuse report".   This was intended to summon a moderator to review a reported post and screen it for hate speech, personal attacks, threats, or profane language.  Basically, behavior unbecoming of a forum member that needed to be addressed quickly. 


We felt that this term was somewhat negative,  so during a recent code update,  the function was renamed "flag for a moderator".


Please use this function sparingly - only if a particular post needs to be brought to the moderation team's attention for urgent corrective action.


DO NOT use the function to flag posts for:


  • Escalation - this is not a way to 'bump', nor to flag your own or related posts for help.
  • Routine Moderation - empty posts, duplicate posts, or posts on wrong board .

Please DO use the function to flag posts that:


  • Contain excessive profanity, links or images which are profane or illegal
  • Solicit illegal or unethical behavior of others
  • Threaten or abuse others

Thanks for your co-operation.


Best regards,



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