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Paper Tape
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Banned for no reason



at first I have to apologize that I have created new account, but I have no options. I tried write to lenovo support, forum support and nothing.


This weekend I wrote two posts to forums (as nanux) and got the right answers. I am not aware of breaking some rules. The posts were polite and constructive.


But next day when I tried log into forums, the forums said:


You are not allowed to access this site

We're sorry, but you have been banned from using this site.


I dind't recieve any note about it neither the reason.


Is possible, that it is a mistake? Can be my account unblocked?


Thanks in advance.



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Community SuperMod
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Re: Banned for no reason

Hi nanux!


I removed the ban. It's an automatic "feature" of the forum software - it can't remove users' e-mail addresses without banning:

"Ban Reason: Recipient of e-mail (nanux) requests this e-mail address to be removed from our system"


You are free to participate using the nanux account. Please make sure everything is OK, then post here so that we can close the minotaurus account.

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Re: Banned for no reason

my account was also baned as soon as I 1st replied , can you double check and unban that one :






Thank you


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