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Paper Tape
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Board in all German

Also, for some reason, this board is all in German, despite my attempts to change the language to English in the top right of the screen


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Community SuperMod
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Betreff: Extended in home care on a laptop not activated when laptop intially purchased

Yes, our German board came online this week, and we're having a few problems.


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Board all in German



If you are not logged in, the system is supposed to allow you to select your language from the pull down in the top right of the community and this will set you language and direct you to that section of the community.  I have found this works fairly well, but occassionaly "sticks" when shifting between langages, especially if you click "community" navigating back to the top rather than selecting English again (if you had gone to either the Spanish or German sections)


There seems to be some variances depending on which browser and even what version (IE 6, 7, 8 or 9 beta) , (Firefox 3.6 vs 2.2) etc are being used.


If you have logged in, you can select your language of choice in your profile page.


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Paper Tape
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Betreff: Some parts in English and some in German

Btw, all the buttons and titles on this website are in german. Some parts are in english though. I tried using the drop menu on the top-right to switch back and forth, but only some parts switch back to english.


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Betreff: Some parts in English and some in German



Ok - you have your specified language set to "german" in your personal profile.  That will tell the system to localize all the buttons and navigation elements to German when you log in, and this will be persistent across the whole site for you.


However, content will remain in the language that is relevant to the community you are viewing.  I.e. - this is the English community, so all of the content (the messages) will be in English.  If you go to the Spanish section, while logged in, the content will be in Spanish, but all the buttons will be in German, and of course if you go to the German section, it will all be German for you.


It can be a bit confusing, and is not ideal, but our thought was that some users might be bi-lingual and would participate in the section where they are most comfortable and would declare that as their native language in their profile so the navs would all be most familiar for them. 


While most content is in English today, as the Spanish and German communities grow, this may be less of an issue as users settle into the community in the language of their choice and conduct the majority of their interactions there...


Hope that makes sense..!


Best regards,



Paper Tape
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Betreff: Some parts in English and some in German

i still cannot find where to change it from german to english in my profile

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Betreff: Some parts in English and some in German

I've fixed it for you.


For future reference, My Settings -> Preferences -> Language.


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Paper Tape
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Betreff: Some parts in English and some in German

I'm having the same problem.  I just joined the community to ask a question about my new Lenovo laptop.  Nowhere did I check off that I wanted the forum in German but that's all I see.  It clearly says "English" in the top right corner of my screen as my preferred language but the website is in German and I can't navigate around at all because I don't know what any of it means.  Weird.  If any has any suggestions?  I don't even see words like "Preferences" in English so I can't mess around with my profile it seems and make any changes.  I am now going to press "Absenden" and hope that means "Send".

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Betreff: Some parts in English and some in German

Ladybug, welcome to the forum,


should all be in English now Smiley Happy



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Paper Tape
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Betreff: Some parts in English and some in German

Hi, I'm having the same problem... could some one please tell me how to change to English?

I guess I have to click... Absenden?!  :-)

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