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Close my registered Lenovo Account and my Forum Account

2018-05-27, 19:25 PM
I Am seeking any moderator(s) to DELETE both my REGISTERED LENOVO ACCOUNT and my LENOVO FORUM ACCOUNT

I do not own any Lenovo products nor have I never purchased a Lenovo product before.

I also do not intend to purchase any Lenovo products. A mistake occured opening a Lenovo registered account that I do NOT want open.


I am politely requesting on this forum to have my registered Lenovo account AND my Lenovo forum account deleted.

I posted the first request back on March 15, 2018.


I also contacted a Supervisor at Lenovo Technical Support requesting that my accounts be deleted. The response I received on that phone call was that the account would automatically be removed after 60 days. This has not happened and it has been over 60 days. 


I have had to open a forum account just to make a request like this. I should not have had to even write a request to post on your forum. 


Please just CLOSE my accounts


I also know how to be not so polite. I can become very rude and nasty if I have to be.   


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Re: Close my registered Lenovo Account and my Forum Account

2018-05-27, 22:00 PM

I have no way to access or modify your Lenovo account, but you can take care of your forum account:





To help with forum searches, check this out: https:/forums.lenovo.com/t5/Welcome-FAQs/Using-Browser-Search-to-find-your-answers-in-Lenovo-and-Moto-Community/m-p/5016916

I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo.
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