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Forum navigation tips

Since the Lithium board software is new to some of us, here's some pointers/tips which will hopefully make navigation around the site easier and posts more useful:

  • Each message in a thread has an associated post number. If you look in the left-hand column of a multi-post thread, you will see "Message n of m. The n number is actually a link or URL to the message. You can right-click on the n and choose "Copy Link Location" (in Firefox; similar option should exist in other browsers). That will copy the URL to your clipboard and you can then paste it and/or format it as a link.
  • Most of the text up in the black banner area are links to other places in this forum and also external Lenovo sites, such as LenovoBlogs, Inside the Box and Design Matters.

Other hints and tips to be added as needed.
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