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Punch Card
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Non-Lenovo eomployees with admin/mod privileges

Hi there


the question is a simple one which I've tried to obtain some clarity on this via search engines.


It is not meantto be viwed negatively nor taken to imply certain unfavourable connotations


The other example of a comparison is the HP support site too while Dell has their techs being much involved. Again this is an observation.


Given the history of Lenovo and IBM, Lenovo has certainly inherited the largest fanbase. 

this is proof given the  presence of such 3rd party forums


A unique trait of most forums are that they are very thinkpad biased but more importantly - they tend not to be the typical "enthusiast' group like techinferno. The projectsthey embark on are mostly shared freely too and going through the history -the ""projects" they embark on have kept IBM/Lenovo honest. One such project was the middleton modification of the FN & Ctrl key swap.



however =back to the non lenovo contributers who seem to have a high forum status  (ability to edit /censor) what motivates you to do what you do?


This could possibly be :

=access to non public information

=perks in obtaining a free lenovo merchandis

or is it just monetary?



If the answers to these is no - perhaps a qualitatve reason


That said if someone with the rightknowledge and spirit that are not a lenovo emplyee, i truly believe that your time can be put to better use in 3rd party forums but not in a malicious way


there is a huge disconnecton certain services and the rationale behind it


- primarily, a bios admin password

- swapping a system main board for a fix a trivial issue iwhile lenovo service prommaers are able to reset them under 5 mins. Remotely - HP chas demonstrated this with their elitebook line


- whilst the rationale that proof of ownership is an issue hence the refusal to do so - paying for the mainboard swap solves the issue without any ownership verification?


- there are other misalined practices that i'm sure anyone wo's reading this wouldknow more about.


In fact - the majority of 3rd party ites being active is a direct result of such restrictive practice over the years.


So - non lenovo contributors, what motivates you to stick to the official forums?


there certainly is no shame to state that they are finanly motivators. This is why i am not directing the question to lonovo employees who are involved in the support forums.



Again this is an observation not a criticism


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Community SuperMod
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Re: Non-Lenovo eomployees with admin/mod privileges

What makes you think we don’t participate on 3rd party forums?


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I am not a Lenovo employee

Punch Card
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Re: Non-Lenovo eomployees with admin/mod privileges

t\dear jane

unless you are the official troupe leader for non lenovo employee mods - i'd suggest you keep your response solely to your own experience;

aswering a question with another question is poor form for someone ranked as supermod

nonetheless i'll digress - the possibility of multiple forum participation was alrdy taken into account but not explicitly mentioned for the basis of neutrality.

but since you opened that can of worms yourself -let me frame this specifically for u

1) you have not address my questions yet
2) with the implied assumption from your curt response

how do you afford to spend time on at least this and aniother forum and if you are not getting renumnerated on this?

remuneration is for the basis ofmy question - a very loose term t cover non cash payments.

heck - i'll go as far as that your career is somehwat tied to this hence knowledge orCPD is an indirect benefit that improves your career path in IT

if none of those applies - then i'd assume the other end of the median being hobbyists/enthusiasts.

for me it started with a randome purchase of a old IBM laptop at a pawn shop which turned out to be the X220

for those in the know - you'd understand how a single google search after my purchase revealed a can of worms in which i was immediately hooked to.

to me it was the "easter egg" component of a laptop that caught me

not to mention that the old sandy bride M processor can still make a mockery out of the current 7 gen cpu

but pls - for anyone who wishes to reply - please do so witheither an honest input or just not answer.

to me a dead thread is also data
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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Non-Lenovo eomployees with admin/mod privileges



I volunteer here because I enjoy helping people solve problems with their devices.  That is certainly not unique; I do the same in several other web forums and social media as well. Sometimes, the issue I'm helping with here in the Lenovo forum is completely unrelated to Lenovo, like an issue with Microsoft Windows or a residential gateway broadband router.  And sometimes at one of those other forums, I'm helping someone with a Lenovo issue.


I also used to do the same on mailing lists, newsgroups hosted on USENET, and even online services like CompuServe and BBSes, back when those were dialed into via modem.


As for why each person helps out here, well, I would expect the answer to be different for each person.




Aryeh Goretsky


I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Punch Card
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Re: Non-Lenovo eomployees with admin/mod privileges

Thanks Aryeh


i'd like to add that i've often stumbled upon your posts on threads when searching for similiar answers and I appreciate them.

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Re: Non-Lenovo eomployees with admin/mod privileges

@goretsky wrote:



I volunteer here because I enjoy helping people solve problems with their devices.... 

I'm not a moderator but I've volunteered here, on the predecessor IBM-sponsored support sites, as well as other related PC support sites for exactly the same reasons and probably for as long as Aryeh.


One more reason that Aryeh didn't mention is that I've learned at least as much information from my participation as I've been able to impart to others. So it's been a win-win-win situation.

Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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Punch Card
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Re: Non-Lenovo eomployees with admin/mod privileges

thanks for the reply! your reason reflects pretty much why ive created an account and provide assistance as and when i can


ive always taken for granted that info wiuld be on top by googling it but i guess ive come to the point to realise that these infornation which comes by very handy and more importantly at no cost.


hence a natural need to be active instead of being just an observer for the following reasons:


- promote learning 

- educate the less savvy with an eye on the balance between abuse of knowledge

- so i understand the need for moderation while i note that the official lenovo forum seems to have more knowledgeable non staff moderarotwes  when conpared to the other large OEMs

- lastly being the official forum, any form of complaints would be deemed to be noted officially by the manufacturers hence perhaps a good platform for checks and balances? 


sadly - it remains true to form that while the ideapad continues to be very well marketed; aftersale support or even driver/ updates/patches for every security event - 


these users seem ro be placed as a 3rd class group not withstanding that in evey network setup, your fortified system is only as good as your weakest link 





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