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Punch Card
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Re: G550 fan problem

andyP wrote:
Post removed which contravened the forum rules.

Not sure what rules I've contravened, but still hoping Lenovo responds in some positive way to this thread.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: G550 fan problem

Name please this rule of Lenovo forum?  We can't complaint on Lenovo G550 fun problem in that way? How we can scream and shout to lenovo leaders?

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Re: G550 fan problem

The forum rules can be found here;


You're welcome to complain and "scream and shout" as long as you abide by the rules you agreed to adheer to when you joined the forum.



Please remember to come back and mark the post that you feel solved your question as the solution, it earns the member + points

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Re: G550 fan problem



Please keep in mind that this is predominantly a peer to peer support forum, which means that the intent is for members to constructively share their experiences with the intent of finding mutual solutions.


There is an opportunity for discovery of common issues, and for Lenovo to take action & lend a hand as appropriate, but we are not staffed in the forum to assure a response to every issue.


It is helpful to hear from multiple people who have a similar issue - this gives us some relative perspective about how broad an issue might be.  It is fair to state whether or not you are frustrated, but it's against the rules to try to incite others, or to broadly organize in a way that is disruptive to Lenovo's business objectives.


I would ask everyone to contribute to the forum in the spirit of collaboration, and with a respectful tone.  I don't expect it to be all rainbows and butterflies here - and we allow a fair and reasonable amount of negativity to stand.  But let's try to focus on the problem solving aspects.


Best regards,




Fanfold Paper
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Re: G550 fan problem

Mark_Lenovo:  "But let's try to focus on the problem solving aspects."


No, no , no! You have to focus on solving problems, we paid for this...

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