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"Kudo" is not a word.

The word is "kudos", singular noun. It's from Greek, where a final "s" doesn't indicate plural. And "kudoed"??? Really?

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Re: "Kudo" is not a word.

So ?'s ur ---> ? Smiley Tongue


I come from Finnish ancestry. I thought I was giving Kudos (pieces of my flesh) to anyone who helps me, like the vikings did! Smiley Surprised


  • Kudos, a Finnish word for tissue (Flesh)

Yeah, you do have a ---> (point). But it's moot.  In American law, a point in a case is said to be moot when it has been made irrelevant and would not have any effect on the outcome, thus it does not need to be considered further.


Advertising, and the internet, has totally blown away the proper spelling, and meaning of many words. 






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Re: "Kudo" is not a word.

Maybe we should Google it! Smiley Wink

Here are's definitions:

But you can be the decider of how you want to use it!  Smiley Very Happy

As long as you don't disrespect anyone in the process.  Smiley Surprised

Such is the fun of the Internets (which consists of "a series of tubes").

P.S. - Dragnoak, that "pieces of my flesh" concept is pretty wild. And you have a cool pic! (yes, I read the story)

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Re: "Kudo" is not a word.







Thanks for the feedback.  "Kudos" is the default term used to indicate thanks or positive votes in communities that run Lithium software.   We've thought about changing it ourselves several times but have been challenged on two points:


1) What term would one select that is relevant and easily understood by members from many countries and cultures?


2) The term selected would need to have logical versions available to show tense.   For example, Kudos, "kudoed" - as it when it occured.  Kudoed on a certain date, etc.  And of course, the verb form - the action to provide that feedback, which is where "kudo" probably comes into the picture.  To kudo is to provide kudos.


Gramatical?  Logical?  Not sure.    I try to look at the larger purpose for the feature.


If you have a good idea for an alternate term that would be widely understood and fits the other criteria, we are listening!







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Re: "Kudo" is not a word.

Interesting points!




   [koo-doh, kyoo-] Show IPA
noun, plural ku·dos for 2.
honor; glory; acclaim: No greater kudo could have beenbestowed.
a statement of praise or approval; accolade; complimentSmiley Surprisedne kudo after another.
1925–30; back formation from kudos, construed as a plural

Usage note
See kudos 1 .

From Merriam- Webster
Definition of KUDO
: award, honor <a score of honorary degrees and … otherkudos — Time>
: compliment, praise <rarely hear that kind of kudo to men anymore — Ellen Goodman>

Usage Discussion of KUDO
Some commentators hold that since kudos is a singular word it cannot be used as a plural and that the word kudo is impossible. But kudo does exist; it is simply one of the most recent words created by back-formation from another word misunderstood as a plural. Kudos was introduced into English in the 19th century; it was used in contexts where a reader unfamiliar with Greek could not be sure whether it was singular or plural. By the 1920s it began to appear as a plural, and about 25 years later kudo began to appear. It may have begun as a misunderstanding, but then so didcherry and pea.

I love and hate English - the borrowings, influences of other languages - the changes are mindboggling at times!


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