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In order to perform basic system maintenance or access the basic system parts (cleaning the system, upgrading internals ect.), it is necessary to dismount the back-cover of the machine. In order to do this, you need to lay down the system on its display and press the top left / right of the Y Logo and push the left / right rear cover down as shown on the picture below:


 Snip AIO Y910.JPG



After removing the cover, you are able to access all the basic internals of the machine or perform a cleanup.


If you need further information on how to dissemble additional parts of the system, please refer to the AIO Y910 Hardware Maintenance Manual.

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Ok I can't see how to post on the forum so i guess ill have to make do with a comment.


I recently bought a ideacenter y900 RE, I would like to install thunderbolt card for use with Lacie thunderbolt 2 external disks. Not USBC but I guess cables adaptors are available.. how can I do this.

Also I understand that a i7700 can be upgraded to? How?