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Keeping the system up-to-date

As new game titles are getting continuously released and older ones updated, its vital to keep the drivers of your machine up-to-date in order to ensure the best gaming experience.


The gaming systems come with a pre-installed software - the Lenovo Companion - which enables you to keep all your drivers up-to-date with just one click. Upon opening the application, you can check the driver updates for your machine from the main screen, as shown below:



In order to do so, simply click on "Check for Updates" button. The application will then automatically review all the currently installed drivers and compare them to the versions available on our support page.


If you do not wish to use Lenovo Companion for your driver update process, you can view and download all the drivers for your machine from our Support Page.


The most important component for gaming is undoubtedly the graphics card. As with every new game the latest graphics driver is required, we recommend reviewing the version which is currently running on your system via the nVidia Control Panel, which is accessible through right-clicking your desktop and picking the option nVidia Control Panel. On the main screen of the control panel, you can view the current version in the green box saying NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL (currently running Version 378.66).



The latest nVidia Graphics Drivers can be downloaded from the following Link, directly from nVidia.

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B_runo On 2017-03-08, 12:02 PM

Where do I find this? Is it online or is it through the control panel? Other than that it was helpful :)

Juraj_Lenovo On 2017-03-08, 12:11 PM

Hello B_runo,


the nVidia Control Panel can be found by clicking with your right mouse onto the desktop and picking "nVidia Control Panel" from the list. Lenovo Companion can be either found by pressing the Windows Symbol + S on your keyboard and typing in "Companion" or if it isn't installed, can be acquired through Windows Store under the following link.


Best regards,



B_runo On 2017-03-08, 12:13 PM

Hi Juraj,


Thanks for this, I will have a look at it right away :)

Juraj_Lenovo On 2017-04-17, 6:21 AM
Juraj_Lenovo On 2017-04-17, 6:22 AM
Juraj_Lenovo On 2017-04-17, 6:23 AM

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