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Gaming system come with a pre-installed software for the KillerTM Network (LAN/WiFi) Adapter, which is called Killer Network Manager.


After running the software, you are greeted with the following options - Applications, Settings, WiFi manager, Performance, Killer Ethernet / Killer Wireless:


killer main.png


Under Applications, you are able to view the bandwidth usage of individual applications, as the following screenshot shows:


killer sys applications.png


You can specify the criteria on which these applications will get sorted and assign individual priority to the shown applications.


Under Settings, you can either manually or automatically specify your Internet provider speed. Based on the values here, the Killer Network Manager will be more efficient in assigning bandwidth to applications which are running:


killer settings.png


The WiFi Manager option lets you see all the active WiFi connections, which are being detected by your machine. It shows the channel on which the specific WiFi network is running and at the same time is showing the signal strength. If you have access to several WiFi Routers, you can choose the best access point through this option:


killer wifi manager.png


The WiFi Networks shown here are all 2,4Ghz. If you wish to switch to 5Ghz Networks, its necessary to click the "Switch to 5Ghz" button in the bottom left corner of this window.


The option System performance provides graphs and metrics on how your network is performing on the given machine:


killer sys performance.png


You can review the Top 5 Applications, Usage for Download / Upload and Wireless Signal Strength. The Download and Upload usage is being track for the past 2 Minutes.

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Looks great, just got a new Y720 but the WiFi manager shows nothing on 2.4Ghz and on 5Ghz (which is the band I am currently connected) I get 5seconds of display showing the 2 channels in use, then it goes blank for 5seconds, this repeats.


I have similiar function on my Android devices and I have local channels I configured as well as neighbor 2.4Ghz channels in use which all display on Andriod but no display in Killer Wifi Manager