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Lenovo Nerve Center is a Tool running in the Background on Gaming Systems, which provides a basic overview of your Systems resources (CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD).


nerve centre main.png


Lenovo Nerve Center is also providing the following features:



Upon clicking on one of the above mentioned features, you will be redirected to the Knowledgebase-Article dedicated to this feature.


The Settings of Lenovo Nerve Center (accessible through the Gear-Symbol in the top left corner) provide access to General Settings and Hotkey Settings. Under General Settings, its possible to set whether games will get started in Enhanced Mode automatically, whether the software will start in the background on startup and whether the Nerve Center Icon is going to be displayed in the Windows Taskbar:


General settings.png


Under Hotkey Settings, you can assign specific key-kombinations in order to initialize one of the four features - Audio Enhancer, LED Control, Network Priority, OSD Quick Switch (On-Screen Display Quick Switch):


Hotkey settings.png


Lenovo Nerve Center can be downloaded from the following Link from the Lenovo Support Page.

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Is this the same app for the Y700? 



Hi jamdy17,

according to the support page of the utility, it only supports the following models:

Ideacentre Y900-34ISZ, Y900 RE-34ISZ, Y710 Cube-15ISH

I'm afraid that the original Nerve Center for the Y700 can be only acquired by recovering your system with the original Lenovo recovery.

Best regards,



Thank you for posting this. Where can we find some more specific information on exactly what the network optimizer does? The application seems to be essentially without any documentation at all. Especially in systems without a Killer NIC, it is important to understand what this thing is doing with the IP stack, so as to be able to intelligently diagnose any interactions with other software.


Any help in finding technical information on what the Nerve Center does would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.


When I installed Nerve Center in my Y900-34ISZ it disabled my one button overclock. I had to uninstall the Nerve Center and reinstall one button overclock to be able to overclock my I7 6700K to 4.5ghz from the stock setting of 4.0.


Has this bug been fixed?


I own the Y900-34ISZ and just like in the first image of the application above, it shows the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 having a total of 4G of RAM instead of the correct 8G of RAM.  My version has a button for One key turbo to overclock the CPU to 4.5 GHz which appears unavailable in the version pictured. Would be nice if Lenovo Nerve Center allowed overclocking of the GPU or system ram to its XMP speed rating of 2400MHz.


As a part of trying to fix some other issues, I recently reinstalled the latest version of Nerve Center . So far it has sections for Overclock, LED Control and Network. As of last night the Overclock button was working fine. Sets my 6700k to 4.5ghz.


I DO NOT have an Audio Enhancer selection available on the latest version of Nerve Center. I do have a stand alone Dolby Digital audio control program that comes on at boot up. Does this replace the Audio Enhancer section of Nerve Center in the current version?

Hi fullonshred,


the same happened to me when I wasn't running the audio driver from the Lenovo support page. Please reinstall the latest audio driver for your machine, which should make the Audio section in the LNC available again.


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Juraj, installing the newest Realtek HD Audio driver did indeed restore the Audio Enhancer section of Nerve Center. Thank you. I would give you Kudos but do not see option to do so under your posts. so, KUDOS!   :  )

Hi fullonshred,


thank you for getting back to us! Smiley Wink I'm really glad its now working for you, enjoy your machine!


Best regards,




Hello, can you please tell me, which data is required for proper device identification in lenovo nerve center
(serial numbers, brand id, etc)