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Paper Tape
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Legion T730 no longer outputs video

I bought a new T730 about two weeks ago. Everything was working great until last night, when the computer suddenly power cycled while I was playing a game, and now no longer outputs video—I have a monitor and a projector, and both say "No signal." The computer still boots up, lights up, lights up my keyboard and mouse, and when I log in (blind), I can still hear system noises. The graphics card still lights up too (the green text that says "GEFORCERTX2070" on the side), so I'm hopeful that the issue is not a dead card.


I've tried all of the following, but nothing has had any impact:

- Tested the monitor: connected my Nintendo Switch to the monitor, monitor works

- Tested the cable: Switched the HDMI cable for another one, still nothing

- Tested the port: Switched the port I was using with an HDMI-to-Display Port dongle—still nothing, so not just the port.

- Reset the CMOS by powering down, unplugging the computer, and removing the battery from the motherboard for 30 minutes.

- Tried resetting the BIOS through startup, but because I can't see what I'm doing I'm kinda guessing with my arrow keys while looking at a screenshot on the support site.

- Unseated and reseated all of the cables connected to the graphics card

- Restarted countless times, including with all peripherals removed


I'm just at a loss. Any ideas what else I could try? Or am I going to have to find a repair center?



What's DOS?
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Re: Legion T730 no longer outputs video

Me too.

I will request to  the Server Center. 

- same problem movie :

- remote terminal access when no longer outputs video :

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