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 Can I connect the Legion Y530 to a Shield Device and use nVidia GameStream?


 Yes! With the GeForce GTX 1050 or 1050Ti, the Legion Y530 is capable of streaming games to an nVidia Shield TV or Shield Handheld for remote play. 


To set up nVidia GameStream on your Legion Y530 follow the steps below.


Step 1: Ensure you have the latest nVidia driver and GeForce Experience software installed. 

             Note: It should be pre-installed on a stock Y530


Step 2: Open the GeForce Experience software, if you haven't logged into it before, it will show the setup screen. Follow those steps to either log into or create an nVidia account.


Step 3: once logged in, you will see a screen similar to the following. click the button with the gear icon to open the settings screen.


Shield Home.PNGLogged in GeForce Experience Home screen

Shield Settings Button.PNGGeForce Experience Settings Button

Step 4: with the settings screen open, you will see a screen similar to the following. However, the settings may not open to the Shield setting panel. If not, Click the label named "shield" on the left side. Then turn the switch by the GameStream header to on. This enables your shield to find the computer on the network


Shield Settings.PNGShield Settings pane


The next set of steps is performed on the shield device


Step 5: Find and open the nVidia Games app on your shield device, then select the GameStream option


Screenshot_20180824-222320.pngnVidia Shield TV Apps ScreenScreenshot_20180824-222340.pngnVidia Games app Home Screen


Selecting gamestream will show one of two screens depending on whether or not you are logged in

                  NOTE: Some of the steps would not allow screenshots, so there will only be text. 


Screenshot_20180824-222349.pngGameStream Not Logged In




Screenshot_20180824-222756.pngGameStream Logged In


If you have the logged in version, continue to step 7, otherwise go to step 6


Step 6: To log into nVidia GameStream, click the getting started button on the Shield Device. A screen with a number and a url will be shown. navigate to that page on a computer or phone, and enter the number. You will then be shown a device authorization page. Click allow on that and the device will be logged in for GameStream. Continue to Step 7


grant permission.PNGnVidia Shield Device Authorization Page


Step 7: Now that you are logged in on GeForce Experience and in GameStream, the Shield Device should now find the Laptop. Select the GameStream PCs option in the Game app, and you should see the following screen. The Device name will be different depending on what you named your computer. The status text will change from connecting to connected.


Screenshot_20180824-222825.pngGameStream PCs ConnectingScreenshot_20180824-222904.pngGameStream PCs Connected


Step 8: Make sure that you have games installed on the Y530.  


Install games from Steam or other locations, and make sure they show in Geforce experience. if they do not show up automatically, you can scan for them in the Games section of the application settings. the Scan button will tell the software to search its game locations for games. you can also add additional folders in this section.


shield games.PNGGeForce Experience Games section with gamesshield no games.PNGGeForce Experience Games section without game

Step 9: On the shield device, open GameStream and Select the Laptop as the PC. You will get a list of all the games available to stream. Select a game and press play, the game will load on the laptop (You can actually see it rendering on the TV) and load on the shield TV. 


Screenshot_20180824-225039.pngAvailable Games ScreenScreenshot_20180824-225048.pngGame Selection ScreenScreenshot_20180824-225057.pngGameStream Loading


Congratulations, you have successfully set up your Legion Y530 to GameStream to an nVidia Shield device

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